Viva La Nerdolution

nerd machineFor as long as I could remember, I just presumed I was pretty bog-standard normal. That doesn’t really bother me. I didn’t really think I was very into anything, maybe sports, or Harry Potter, but if you can find many kids in Liverpool who aren’t at least mildly obsessed with one of those things than you are a better human-seeker than I am.

I used to love the OC. I don’t really know why I have put used to there, I still do, I can’t believe it finished 7 years ago! Seth Cohen was my favourite character in it without a shadow of a doubt. He was witty, intelligent, and a nerd. I’ve always loved the stories in comic-books, just don’t enjoy reading the actual things, and for the first time, there was a character on a main-stream show that I loved who liked all things nerdy. Now we have all sorts on the TV that are embraced by nerds, The Big Bang Theory epitomising this. It’s made me realise that being nerdy about something has almost become the way of saying that you really quite like it.

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