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July | Wrap Up

Guys, I have fought the slump hard this year but in July there were times where the slump was too much to take and I succumbed. I am using this excuse for this abysmally late wrap! You’ll probably find it hard to believe when you see my reading stats below, but I really struggled through this month, and if it wasn’t for The Reading Rush in the last week of the month, I would have fallen down a reading slump hole that would have been difficult to escape. I know that it was a mixture of things, tiredness in the heat, coming off a holiday and going away the week after, Dad’s 60th birthday and the celebrations that go with it, and participating in a readathon that wasn’t conducive to me reading a lot (The Book Junkie Trials), but its been a difficult reading month that I am glad to see the back of (in a reading sense only, the memories have been awesome!).

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June | Wrap Up

June was by no means a bad month for me, but I did see my reading taper off slightly. Now, you’re probably going to look below and think I am making it up, but the fact is there were multiple days this month where I didn’t read a thing and that has not been the case for previous months. I know I still had an OK performance, and I did still finish the readathons I was taking part in, but I didn’t really read as much as I would have liked to. I did enjoy what I read though, again, and branched out into paranormal and sci-fi – two genres I would not usually reach for!

I went to South Wales for a weekend to visit friends and have an all around nice time, so I didn’t read too much for that weekend. I did also go away to Russia towards the end of the month, so excitement and preparation for this trip and then actually going on it will have affected things, but it was worth it for sure! Continue reading “June | Wrap Up”

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May | Wrap Up

I mean we’re still in June so we are definitely doing better than the April wrap post that only went a couple of weeks ago, right?! May was an interesting reading month, one in which I was attempting to read as much as possible but realistically thinking I wouldn’t finish much at all. The Avengers Readathon was taking place in the first half of the month and Emma and I held our very first readathon called Miserables May. The point of it was to read Les Miserables which is not exactly a short or easy to read book, so with that in mind, I think I had a really good month, don’t you?
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April | Wrap Up

Good afternoon/evening (it’s so hard to keep a true track of time when it’s light until 10pm!) and welcome to an extremely late and quite long April Wrap Up. I hope you forgive the lateness, I read a lot of books in April and so it has taken me an even longer amount of time to get round to doing my wrap post! I completed the OWLs Readathon and started the Avengers Readathons in April which helped immensely. I am well on course to smash my year target of 100 books too, which is great only a third of the way through the year! It was great to read so many books ahead of May too, the Miserables May readalong was always going to slow down progress. Continue reading “April | Wrap Up”

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O.W.Ls Readathon 2019 | Wrap Up

Well well, witches, wizards and Muggles, O.W.Ls 2019 is officially almost over. We’re on the last day, the very last stretch, and I am so pleased with my progress and performance but absolutely gutted that the readathon is over! I can’t believe that this amazing readathon has been going on for a month, I mean, where has that gone eh? I hope you had a great month!

I am very pleased to report that I managed to complete ALL 12 of the OWLs subjects. This was my hope, but not really my aim, as I didn’t need to finish them all to pursue my career of either Curse Breaker of Ministry of Magic worker in the Department of Mysteries. I’ve read some really great books this month, both for this readathon and not, and I am really pleased it has paid off. Check out what I read:

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March | Wrap Up

March has been a weird month. It has felt long, but also like it has gone quickly. The weather has most definitely taken a turn for the better, and it is definitely warmer now than it was to start with. It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today, and it’s officially spring, and the clocks went forward overnight so we can all feel tired after losing an extra hour in bed! It’s been weird reading wise because a lot is scheduled to happen in April so the month has felt like a long countdown to April with not much else. I feel like I have barely read anything because some of the books that I was reading were long, and have fallen behind with my Goodreads target – something I really don’t like!! We’re making big house related decisions and suddenly life seems a lot more adult and serious, and that I haven’t read that much. I have, however, discovered Homeland which is a brilliant show that Emma and I are devouring quicker than we probably should but still not as fast as I would like. Now as I think about it, that’s probably not helping the reading progress?! I am also really behind on reviews. I was doing so well and suddenly I am really behind and need to think about catching up!

In March, I read 7 books, which is 3488 pages, and all of which were new reads to me.

I read 7 fiction books, a mix of childrens, YA and Adult Fantasy and dystopian.

By Format, I read 1 Audiobook, 4 Paperbacks, 1 graphic novel/illustrated and 1 Hardback.

The average rating was 3.35/5 Stars for all of the books that I read in March

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January | Wrap Up

I know, I know, it’s March and I am only just getting around to writing a January wrap post. In my defence, I was immersed in read and seeing friends and I kinda forgot that I hadn’t done one until I started to write one for February. Yes, I could probably have linked them together in one, but I didn’t and so here we are, over a month late. It’s a shame really, because I took part in Bout of Books and 24in48 readathon and actually managed to read a lot of books that covered a lot of challenges and broadened my horizons some what.

I have already posted my wrap for February, which you can check out here!

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February | Wrap Up

January felt like the longest month in the history of months, so it was only really inevitable that February would feel like the shortest (I know, it actually is the shortest month, but it felt like it too, y’know?) I did a lot, my friends visited for the first few days, a period that crossed with my twin brother’s birthdays. My parents were away so I took my Gran out a few times and generally kept myself busier than I usually would during a working week. I also worked some of the weekends and feel like I didn’t have much time off at the beginning of the month. The end of the month was filled with Physics talks and football dramas and blitz tidying my bedroom. Yes, you could say it has been a productive month overall, I’d believe you, but that feels like it has come at a reading cost.

The eagle eyed among you may realise that I didn’t post a wrap for January. So, I may have forgotten. I am planning to throw it out there in the coming days, because late is better than never!

In February, I read 3 books, which is 1375 pages, and all of which were new reads to me.

I read fiction books and 1 non-ficion book, a mix of YA Fantasy, Memoir and Contemporary Romance

By Format, I read 1 Audiobook, 1 Paperback and 1 Hardback.

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NaNoWriMo Wrap Up

Evening chaps and chapesses, how is life and December treating you? I am a little bit confused as to how it’s already the 4th, but there we go. The car was frozen this morning, the fog was around all day, and the temperature has dipped below zero, all official signs winter and December are here and here to stay. So, before we get too far into December, I wanted to take a look at the biggest success of last month: winning NaNoWriMo!

As you can probably tell, I am really quite happy with myself. I worked really hard to hit the word total, and when validated, had managed to write  53,943 words during NaNo. I’m pretty pleased with myself and for the first time in a while I am really quite proud of that achievement. I wrote over 50,000 words in my contemporary idea, so I actually managed to finish NaNo without needing to count the words that were added to my Pirate idea (I added them anyway, because y’know, I’d written them, but knowing I didn’t need to was pretty cool). I also finished on November 28th, which gave me a bit of breathing room to validate and actually assess what I had done and what I have left to finish the work in progress. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Wrap Up”

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October: It’s a Wrap

Ahoy there mateys! It is I back to fight and read another day with a summary of October’s (less than stellar) reading performance. Now,m straight up I am going to say that I haven’t read that much. I am happy with what I read, but Florida is a big holiday both packing and preparing before, and then when you’re there. I bought some books with me to read and they haven’t been touched once they were removed from my bag, so the list is a lot shorter than it should be and is only as long as it is due to Charms Extra Credit Readathon being held this month. I have cracked another couple off the Book Riot Read harder challenge list this month too which has been nice as they’re getting harder now we’re through to the end of the year.

I’m actually in a bit of a book reading slump. You’ll see I’ve read a few things this month so you’re probably thinking that a slump isn’t the right thing to call it, but what I actually mean is reading physical books. You see all the reads this month are either graphic novels/comics, or audiobooks. I don’t know why it is but they’re the only thing appealing to me at the moment. I am really struggling to pick up an actual book and read it. Hopefully that will chance, and soon.

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