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Friday Reads: Icky sicky 24hr Readathon

Guys, I’m sick. It started a bit achey and mopey, and it has turned into full on hot and cold, lost voice, go to the doctor to check you’re not dying, flu-ey sick. And it sucks, I’ve had to take the day off work (which, while rubbish, is a necessity in a job where you speak to people on the phone if you have lost your voice), and I have been sitting here feeling rubbish and sorry for myself, doing very little. #

Instead of doing something productive, like reading, learning another language, I’ve listened to a bit of Dracula, watched too many episodes of World’s Toughest Prisons ad Ambulance, and been up and down like a yo-yo switching the heating on and off. Continue reading “Friday Reads: Icky sicky 24hr Readathon”

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Friday Reads: Audiobook #Victober

It’s official, I have given up on #readASOIAF for the foreseeable future. I absolutely plan to go back and finish them, but reading A Storm of Swords was sapping the enjoyment I get from reading, and preventing me picking up any other novels. So for now, it is nowhere to be seen on my bedside table. As much as I am sad about this, it had to be done.

This week has passed at a scary pace. Emma and I have kept Ikea in business, and successfully built a large amount of flatpack, I have started to tidy downstairs, we’ve both been at work, I’ve rejoined my old hockey team, we’ve done a lot. Maybe this has made the week go quickly, or maybe time this week really did just speed up, but either way, I feel like I’ve lost a few days. Continue reading “Friday Reads: Audiobook #Victober”


#Victober: TBR Time

victoberOctober is here everybody. Dig out your scarves, don your boots, and drown yourselves in coats, fall has arrived. Halloween is less than a month a way, and yes, you guessed it, Christmas paraphernalia is already on the shelves. Lot’s of people use October to give up something they shouldn’t indulge in as much as they do, using ‘Stoptober’ to banish the booze or scale back the cigarettes. This year, I have decided to the exact opposite, and take on something I should do more: read proper books. Continue reading “#Victober: TBR Time”