Adulting: Commuting

I have been working at Avios for approaching 18 months now, and it has so far been a great success. I enjoy my job, the field I work in, and I love the people I work with. The only downside, if any, is the distance between my home and my workplace. When I moved into my place, I knew how far it was away, and chose a place that had good access to my job, and yes, I chose to live in Liverpool rather than an area closer to my workplace, but that doesn’t remove the inevitable 50 mile round trip I do every day I go to work. Continue reading “Adulting: Commuting”

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California Zephyr

When we weighed up all our options to get across America, we were stuck with a time v cost dilemma. For us, the time difference to fly was not worth the cost, and so we were left comparing the Amtrak to the Greyhound. The ability to move on a train, the large seats and leg space, the food carts, and the cost made our decision for us. Continue reading “California Zephyr”

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The Bridge over the River Kwai

IMG_5681I feel like the past few days have been absolutely non-stop. I think that’s a good thing. I’m going to need that rest time when we finally get out of Bangkok and reach Koh Tao. I’m glad were doing so much that doesn’t include being in Bangkok itself because I just don’t really like the place. I don’t know why, I just don’t. Continue reading “The Bridge over the River Kwai”

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Back in Bangkok…ish

DSCF2243And we’re back on the road, literally. I think I will be done with buses forever when I return to England. The chaotic madness that is Mochit bus station, is thankfully, a memory I don’t have to think much more about now, and after a relatively decent bus journey from Roi-Et to Bangkok, we have landed safely in our hotel ready for action. Continue reading “Back in Bangkok…ish”