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When you go and see something, and you want to remember it, there is nothing better than taking a picture, capturing it on video, and writing down how it made you feel. So, for posterity sake, I’ve decided to review The Killer’s performance at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on 9th November 2017. I say the show, it’s about the whole event, it’s probably once of the longest posts I have ever written, and it shows just how excited, happy, and blown away by the whole thing I actually was!

Let me start with a little about me and my music tastes. I listen to a lot of genres, more rock, Disney, and Musicals than anything else, and a lot of my favourite songs and artists are more renowned for periods before I was born. I don’t go to gigs often (the lasts ones I went to were in 2012ish) and I won’t just go and see anyone. The last 3 artists I went to see were Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney, and I had pretty much decided that I would only go and see ‘mega artists’, of which I wouldn’t have classed the Killers as before now. So, when we were deciding to go and see them I was (quietly and internally) wondering if it would be worth it and whether they would be anything more than a couple of good songs from a decade ago.

Guys, there are moments in your life when you look back and think ‘wow, that was a brilliant night, very few nights will top that’, and this, well, this was most definitely one of them.

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I’m really not sure that our impressions of the place are based on the place itself, or more the individual that took it upon himself to make sure that we had seen more of Charlotte than many of it’s locals. And by golly is it warming up there, really really warming up now! Continue reading “Charlotte”

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Los Angeles

I have officially gone back in time. We left Auckland on June 4th at 7:15pm and arrived at 12noon on the same day. Another bucket list thing to say I’ve done, and lets be honest, just an awesome thing to be able to say you have done. Continue reading “Los Angeles”

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So Long Thailand…

thaiflagThere are very few places in life that I have called home. Liverpool has and always will be my home city, and I of course counted Lancaster, my University town, as a home for 3 years. Neither of these could have prepared me for my time in Thailand, and I’m glad that the experience was so different. I have made some awesome friends, seen some amazing places, and had some fantastic times that have left me looking back with fond memories, and looking forward with high expectations, and an even higher benchmark. Continue reading “So Long Thailand…”

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Welcome to Thailand

So we’re here. We have arrived. Our luggage has all arrived. Everything, and everyone, is in tact, if a little tired. It didn’t seem like 14 hours flying which is always good. It’s strange that we’re finally here after all this planning.

Qatar airways is luxury, I mean, seriously luxury. I have never had so much legroom on a plane, and I don’t think the seat ever reclined as far. The whole plane journey was a Man v Food style exercise. There was so much food that when they handed out boxed sandwiches we decided to squirrel them away for later. After 2 flights worth of food squirrelling, I can say that it was worth it. I am currently posting this whilst battling the desire to sleep. (The OC is doing it’s part too.) Even the transit airport at Doha was really nice, probably the nicest, fanciest airport I have been to. It felt like  celebrity could walk past at any time, well, if they didn’t have a super exclusive lounge for them to go to.

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