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Top Ten Books of 2019

2019 was a pretty great reading year for me. I read an unprecedented (for me) 120 books, and actively read outside of my comfort zone or my usual genres. I found some books that I really disliked, some books I was disappointed by, some books that were surprises, and a lot of books I ultimately loved. Compiling a top ten list is a little arbitrary by number, but thinking of how to narrow down the list, and what made the cut and what didn’t, was quite difficult yet made me think of which books I loved beyond all else. The list itself has surprised me, there is non-fiction, and fantasy, and a list compiled mostly of brand new authors!

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Top Ten Books of 2018

As we come to the end of 2018, it’s finally time to whittle down all of the books I’ve read this year and to try and make a top ten list. The problem? I’ve read 96 books this year, and gave 47 of those a 5 star rating. OK, this probably suggests that I over rate books, but it also shows just how many books I’ve loved this year. I love to look back at the books I have read and choose favourites, and more so than any other year, January felt like a long time ago and I almost forgot some of the earlier reads were actually this year.  Continue reading “Top Ten Books of 2018”