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Marathoning Extraordinaire

I have discussed, at length, over many social platforms, my ability to read books and watch TV shows quickly. Now as I am in Thailand, I feel like I should utilise this skill correctly. Increasing the amount of exercise I do and losing weight are definite goals while I am out here, by I am also looking at the free time in school and once it has gone dark at night to marathon some of those TV shows I have been meaning to watch, and reading all those books I have been meaning to get lost in.

And learn Thai. I think I mention that every time I write anything at the moment just to keep reminding myself that it is important, well, important to me.  Continue reading “Marathoning Extraordinaire”

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Time Wasting

I am not sure teaching is what I expected it to be. At first, I wondered if it was because I was teaching in a different language. It’s not easy to communicate with the kids, and the adults, in a foreign language, whether teaching or just in general conversation. It’s not easy teaching different ages one after the other, assessing the ability of each class, and the ability of the students within the class as well. I expected those dilemmas to crop up, teaching English in a primary school isn’t like any teaching experience I had so I knew there would be issues that I hadn’t faced before. What I am struggling with is the boredom and wasting time.

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