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Friday Reads: The Reading Bug is (sort of) Back

As you have probably guess from the title of this post, my impromptu and unwanted hiatus from reading is (kind of) over. I’ve really been struggling with any form of reading over the past couple of weeks, which has hampered my ability to progress with #readASOIAF, and has basically stopped me reading anything of substance or length for a while now. Continue reading “Friday Reads: The Reading Bug is (sort of) Back”

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Friday Reads: Ikea

I’ve started a Friday reads post, when I have absolutely no intention of reading this weekend. And that is because my friend Emma has got a job in the North West and is going to be moving into my house. She isn’t actually moving until Tuesday, but there is much that needs doing before she lands. Continue reading “Friday Reads: Ikea”

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Friday Reads: #ReadASOIAF

Today is the first day I have had off in what feels like ages where I have had very little planned. It makes and change, and is definitely needed. It started with a swim, and a breakfast with a friend, with a plan to tidy and read the afternoon and evening away. The word plan is key here, because none of it has happened yet. Continue reading “Friday Reads: #ReadASOIAF”