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A couple of years ago, way before I travelled round the world, a year before I finished my degree, I visited my friend Sarah in Swansea. It was a great weekend, and spurned became affectionately known as ‘Swindon’ and ‘S***, that’s the sea’. It had been too long since I had visited South Wales, and more importantly visited Sarah, so I thought it was about time I tested my new car out and drove down to see her. Continue reading “Swansea”

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Southport to Sydney

We woke up early in Southport with a lot of issues to sort out. First and foremost, we had to work out what to do with Jade’s clothes as her bag was still wet from the leak. Then we had to sort out whether the car was dry enough to pack the storage zone, or whether we would have to struggle for space and leave everything in the car. All of this on top of showers, charging, checking out, eating, washing up. They may be reimbursing us for the stay, but it is still a hassle! Continue reading “Southport to Sydney”