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On the night train to the end of the tour

Chiang Mai has so much to do, and there is so little time. Despite the late night, early mornings are necessary to see special cites, such as the temple on the hill or Thai cooking lessons. Not that we could do both, we sacrificed the latter to see the monks. Nothing could be as embarrassing as last time, and after the bell debacle and the offering fiasco, it’s probably about time we got some good karma going. Continue reading “On the night train to the end of the tour”

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Bolt and Rain

As far as places on this trip have been, Hue has been one of the least impressive. There were aspects of the city that were nice enough, but I wasn’t too sad to leave it behind. The motorbike tour was great and all, but I feel like I could have done that anywhere in Vietnam and had as great an experience. It’s a shame we are leaving for such a hefty sleeper train journey.

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Embrace the bizarre

For those of you who don’t know me, this is a rare event. For those of you who do know me, look how much I am embracing travelling and making the most of my time in Vietnam. I ELECTIVELY woke up and left the hotel at 4:45am this morning. We didn’t need to be up at all today if we didn’t want (well, not until check out at 12pm) and even with our boa trip, we didn’t need to be up for 2 more hours. Sunrise in Nha Trang was at 5:32am today, so we got up and left the hotel a little early to make sure we didn’t miss it. If we were bothering to get up early we may as well make sure we see the sunrise.

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Running the Gauntlet

I think today is the first time Jade and I have elected to forgo an additional activity. The appeal of saving a bit of money and having some relaxing time to explore ourselves was too strong. As was the want for a lie-in. Not that we stayed in that late, we were ready to check out and at breakfast for 9am. This trip is really making me get up early – I suppose it was about time, if this trip wasn’t worth getting up for then what is. It was nice to get a good sleep in before the unknowns of the sleeper train tonight as well!

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