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24hr Readathon: A progress report

Welcome friends to the 24hr readathon. Yes, that’s right, the time where we strap our selves into a chair, surround ourselves with books, and read until we can read no more. (No, not any other ordinary Saturday, we’re doing it for a reason this time). I signed up here yesterday, when I was feeling like the world was against me and was moping in a world of sicky despair. I am glad to say that I am feeling marginally better yesterday. My voice is still far from normal, my nose is running faster than Usain Bolt, and my head feels like there is a constant samba party using my eyeballs as a steel drum, but I am feeling less, well, bleurgh. Continue reading “24hr Readathon: A progress report”

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Friday Reads: Icky sicky 24hr Readathon

Guys, I’m sick. It started a bit achey and mopey, and it has turned into full on hot and cold, lost voice, go to the doctor to check you’re not dying, flu-ey sick. And it sucks, I’ve had to take the day off work (which, while rubbish, is a necessity in a job where you speak to people on the phone if you have lost your voice), and I have been sitting here feeling rubbish and sorry for myself, doing very little. #

Instead of doing something productive, like reading, learning another language, I’ve listened to a bit of Dracula, watched too many episodes of World’s Toughest Prisons ad Ambulance, and been up and down like a yo-yo switching the heating on and off. Continue reading “Friday Reads: Icky sicky 24hr Readathon”