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Fat Friday: Week 25

Hi-di-hi campers, the sun was shining today, the temperature hit a barmy 9 degrees, and Spring is officially upon us. I’ve heard bad news that the Beast from the East is going to come back, but considering that next weekend is Easter, and April, I am choosing to look for the positives and continue looking for good weather. Aside from the weather, it’s not been a bad week personally either.

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London: Day 3

London is a pretty incredible city that has things to do in all weather. It was a good job really, as the rain from Sunday had morphed into driving rain when we woke up on Monday. Thankfully, we had a great day planned, one that we had been looking forward to a year, so the rain wasn’t quite so much of a hardship. The whole point of this London trip was to see Hamilton, and after a nervous time waiting for the theatre to be finished and the previews to be rearranged, we knew that the time was finally here.

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