Bout of Books 16: Day 7

Bout of Books 16It’s the final stretch already! I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone! I have a week off for the first time in a long time which started yesterday, so I am hoping that the blogging and reading bug will stay with me and I will get into the habit of doing both again, even while there is no read-a-thon! Continue reading

Bout of Books 16: Day 6

Bout of Books 16This is going to be a short and sweet post because I did no reading whatsoever, and that was planned. I visited my friend in Stoke, my travel buddy who toured the world with me, and we had plans. We went for food, watched a stupid amount of needless Youtube videos, had a good ol’ catch up, and went to see Hairspray, which was amazing (again!)

I hope you had a more successful day than I did in the reading stakes! I’ll try and double up on the challenges in my final post!

Bout of Books 16: Day 5

Bout of Books 16I’m getting that holiday feeling…..almost. As we enter the final stretch of Bout of Books 16, and into the weekend, I enter my first proper stretch of time of since I have worked at Avios. I do have bits and bobs planned, but it’s nice to know I’m not actually doing too much this week. No excuses not to read really! Continue reading

Bout of Books 16: Day 4

Bout of Books 16The weather is taking the absolute mick today and I am severely unimpressed. Of course it has been great weather while I have been in, and now as it is been rainy while I’m off, until I’m back in work when the sun has come out. Absolute joke, the weather and I are no longer friends.

A little bit of a digression there, sorry! Continue reading

Bout of Books 16: Day 3

Bout of Books 16I finally have a day off, and of course it’s raining, Glorious weather all weekend when I was stuck in the office, and when it gets to my time off the downpours begin. Absolutely typical. The rain and the time should make for good reading and sorting conditions, so lets see what I can get done. Continue reading