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Drowning, Dolphins, Flying, and Quarter hunting

2009-Seaworld-ShamuWhile Disney and Universal made up a large part of the Floridian leg of our travels, it was by no means everything we did while we were in Orlando. We visited the other parks, we swam with dolphins, we trawled round shopping malls, and went quarter hunting. For me, Florida will always translate as ‘Disney’ but we had a great time elsewhere too!

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The Wizarding World…and a bit of Universal

hp icecreamFor those who have never met me, don’t know me, or have never read a blog post on here, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I grew up with the books, and then the films, and I have been the studio tour (only once so far). The next logical step was to visit the Wizarding World, and I was possibly looking forward to it more than the rest of Orlando (sorry Mum and Dad!)

Apologies once again that it has taken so long to actually write this

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The Most Magical Place on Earth

MK_MSGAZETT_7404519966 I have been to Disney a few times in my life. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Disney Land in California, and in Paris, and travel to Orlando periodically through my childhood. Although this time was different, my whole family weren’t there, I was booted and wheelchaired with a broken foot, and I went to the parks with a young child, there are things that remain the same. The shock of free-falling in the Tower of Terror, the excitement of seeing your favourite character has a short meet and greet line, the colourful spectacular of the firework displays, and of course, the feeling of pure, magical joy as you walk down Main Street USA and see the castle directly in front of you.

For those of you who followed my travels around the world, I do apologise that this has taken so long to write! Continue reading “The Most Magical Place on Earth”