Strictly Saturdays | Week Eleven @ The Musicals

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, get ready, take your seats, get comfy, because Strictly is going to the Musicals. I love this week, I think it gives a real excuse for people to go to town with costumes and characters and really sells the dances. It’s always a great spectacle and comes with an extra pro dance so what isn’t too love huh?

Strictly Saturdays is a weekly review of Strictly Come Dancing. Expect biased reviews, uneducated dancing critique, and sass. Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays | Week Eleven @ The Musicals”

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DC/NYC | Day 6

When we planned this trip, we had always planned to spend a decent amount of time in Washington DC and then travel up to New York and cram as much into a 24hr period as we could. So, after a last great day in Washington, we were ready to hop on the train and hot foot it up to New York City. I didn’t love NYC last time I went. I mean it is impressive, it’s good, but it’s not completely my cup of tea, so Emma and I were going to experience things more up her street and see if that changed my mind. Continue reading “DC/NYC | Day 6”

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London: Day 1

When you think of London, every one of us has a different opinion. Whether you love it or hate it, and no matter what you like to do there, London offers a lot for a flying visitor! Emma and I spend 4 days in London at the beginning of December, and had an absolute blast , hitting theatres, taking in tours, and generally walking all around the capital. I’ve never really been to London around Christmas, and although I was worried about the craziness, I was excited to see the city lit up with Christmas lights.

We managed to squeeze so much out of the 4 days we had there, and barely stopped, so I’ve split my round up of the city into 4 posts (one for each day, obv) in an attempt to try and do our trip justice! Continue reading “London: Day 1”


Strictly Come Dancing: Week 11’s Musical Spectacular

Hello everyone, I’m back! Last week I was on a late shift at work, and completely missed the whole show. Yes, I watched it back later on, but it got to the point where it was too late to write a post, and then I was too sad to write about the sad exit of Susan and Kevin. The show was a pretty good one, and there were some brilliant and spectacular dances (like Joe’s Quickstep – wow!!), and Oti’s shining moment in the pro-dance to Vogue.

It was a very good week for Susan and Kevin to leave, because their dance was joyful and fun, but I was gutted to see them leave. The emotional goodbyes and the genuine, heart felt words when they had been eliminated actually really got to me, and the hilarity that preceded the dance off was so true to them. They looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and as a bonus, it was nice to hear and see that Karen and Kevin do still seem to be going strong. They were much cuter than the weird moments between Mollie and AJ, that if I’m honest, are just a bit sickening now.

And so we move onto week 11. Musicals week is always a fun evening on Strictly, partly because of the costumes, largely because of the over the top performances, and a little because we get an extra pro-dance. This year, the group dance was a homage to ‘Oliver!’ and it was really good. I properly enjoyed it. If you want to watch, click here! Continue reading “Strictly Come Dancing: Week 11’s Musical Spectacular”

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The 140 character film review – Magical, musical, marvel-ous Christmas

TV episodes, mainly of the Neal Caffrey and White Collar variety, have occupied most of our TV/film watching time. Now as we have finished the series completely (sob) I thought I would get round to reviewing the films we watched around his Caffrey-ness and whilst we mourn the loss of him from our screens (literally.) Continue reading “The 140 character film review – Magical, musical, marvel-ous Christmas”