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Music, Monotony, and Monks

It’s been a while since I last blogged, a whole week I believe. I’d love to start this new week with an action-packed adventurous week that was so interesting I didn’t have time to write. Unfortunately, the truth is much more mundane than that. This last week has been fairly void of intrigue and fun. I won’t go as far as to say boring, but it’s the first week in a long time that has been routine-filled and monotonous. Continue reading “Music, Monotony, and Monks”

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On the night train to the end of the tour

Chiang Mai has so much to do, and there is so little time. Despite the late night, early mornings are necessary to see special cites, such as the temple on the hill or Thai cooking lessons. Not that we could do both, we sacrificed the latter to see the monks. Nothing could be as embarrassing as last time, and after the bell debacle and the offering fiasco, it’s probably about time we got some good karma going. Continue reading “On the night train to the end of the tour”