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Formula 1

I’d like to say I am writing this post without the intention to show off how awesome my weekend was and just recount a few events, but I would be lying. The Formula One surpassed itself as an absolutely awesome event, and cemented Malaysia as my favourite place we’ve been too so far. It was simply one of the best weekends ever.

This is not going to be a short post. I’ve had to split into days to make it easier to follow. Continue reading “Formula 1”

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Strawberries, Tea, and a Rainforest

I thought the bus ride from Krabi to Penang had been bad until I climbed into our transfer to the Cameron Highlands. As the name suggests, Tanah Rata (the town we are booked to stay in) is high, way way way above sea level. How do you get to such a high place? On windy roads. It doesn’t help the car sickness. Continue reading “Strawberries, Tea, and a Rainforest”

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A World Heritage City?

I am lucky enough that in my life I have been to a few UNESCO World Heritage sites. And y’know what they all have in common: they’re damn impressive. We may have had no time there after the fiasco that was the journey from Ao Nang, but after wandering round Georgetown and going into the show piece temple, I don’t get it. Continue reading “A World Heritage City?”

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Friday reads – Grand Prix Edition – March 27th

This is sort of an update come Friday reads come bragging session. I am not going to lie or pretend it’s anything else, so you have been warned.

This weekend I plan to read a big fat diddly squit. This weekend I am attending the Malaysian GP with my travel buddy Jade. It’s going to be a long weekend filled with fast cars, too loud noises, and K-Pop. judging from today’s practice session it’s going to be insane.

So yep, all books and all reading time is going to be spent lobstering on a hill at Sepang circuit.

This does also mean that all the time I have to dedicate to writing and updating here is gone too. I am going to desperately try to keep posting as the days go by about what is going on, but I don’t know how much will actually get done!