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Top Ten Tuesday: Yummy Food Books

Let me tell you, when you’re on a diet, there is nothing more tantalising to talk, dream, and think about than food. So when I saw this post, I instantly knew it would be something that I would enjoy talking about. I’m sure we’ve all experienced reading a book and coming across the section that is nothing short of saliva inducing food porn? We’ve all flicked through cookbooks and felt our mouths water whilst looking at pictures of recipes that we realistically know are too difficult for us to manage? Oh, just me…

For all of you who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved, click here. The lovely folks at Broke and Bookish tam together to produce a book related topic each week, and you simply list the top ten of that topic. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Yummy Food Books”

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Fat Friday: Week 2

Welcome one and all to another edition of  Fat Friday. Welcome back to those who have visited before, and welcome to any newbies.  I’ve still stuck to my diet, I haven’t strayed or wandered, and I have kept up a relatively decent exercise routine. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and as 3 weeks approaches (yes, 3 whole weeks), I almost feel like I am in a routine.

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record or my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

Please join me, support me, and help me along my way as I am to improve my life for the better!

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New Year, New Resolutions: Welcome 2017

happy-new-year-champagne2016 has been a mixed year overall really. I’ve really settled into a job I enjoy, and have got into a routine of making my way to work, maximising my day there, and making it home with minimal effort and wasted time. I’ve moved out into my own place, and I have welcomed the lovely Emma to Liverpool and our house, and I have travelled to some great new places. While 2016 has seen some global nightmares, questionable political decisions, and too many celebrity deaths to entertain, it has been a fairly solid year for me personally. I hope to continue this into 2017, and to help me a long I have made some resolutions to enter the New Year with. Continue reading “New Year, New Resolutions: Welcome 2017”


#Leanin15: Month 2

leanA month is a long. long time people. It’s been hectic and non stop all month. Luckily the craziness and the activity has been largely good news, but it has meant a lack of any definable routine or schedule, and even less planning. Not the best conditions to begin planning and executing a ‘diet’ plan, eh? Continue reading “#Leanin15: Month 2”


#Leanin15: Month 1

Lleanast year, when I went travelling, I spent a lot of time on the move, lugging heavy baggage, and forgoing full meals to maximise the amount of activities I could afford to do while I was on the move.  The combination of more exercise and less food meant a regular drop in weight and an increase in fitness (surprise surprise, who knew?!), and meant I came back feeling healthier than I have in a long while. Continue reading “#Leanin15: Month 1”