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The Terror of the Visa Run

Never have I been so acutely aware that I live half way round the world, in a country where I don’t speak the language, as I was this weekend. There are some things that can only happen when you travel to a far-flung location: swimming with dolphins, cocktails on the beach, elephant trekking, bobsledding, you get the idea. There are some experiences that you wish to remember for as long as you live and are the very essence of exploring.

And then there are those that you wish had never happened, and that you could remove.  Continue reading “The Terror of the Visa Run”

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Bout of Books – Day 7

I cant believe it is day 7 already, and that the end is here!! Where has the week gone?! I hope you have all had a great Bout of Books 12, and that you have done as much reading as you hoped you would, and if you haven’t, I hope you have enjoyed what you have managed to finish! Continue reading “Bout of Books – Day 7”

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The quick boat to the village

This morning we were up and checked out early. Annoyingly early, 5:10am early, too early. Oh well, we were organised at least. We were going to make offerings to the local monks on the side of the street and receive a blessing in the temple. Well, not all of us, Thuy and Katja both opted out. We had to pay $5 for the honour, to purchase something to offer to the monks. I had no issue in principal with this, except that I was given some coffee, Nescafé not even local stuff, and some people were given a pack of fake oreos. I mean come on, that has to be a) offensive b) not worth $5. Continue reading “The quick boat to the village”

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Hungry Elephants and Happy Bears

I woke up this morning properly excited. The busiest days have been the best days, and today is jam-packed. The price has also reduced since I spoke to Lek inexplicably from $60 to $45, which now included the bathing and the waterfalls as well. I’m not going to rant or complain, just be pleased that I can afford to do everything. I’ve been looking forward to the Kuang Si falls for months, it was the thing I first wanted to come and see in Laos. Breakfast was full of excitement, and of course Lara was back and fit enough to come with us, which was a relief. Continue reading “Hungry Elephants and Happy Bears”

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Adventurers ‘R’ us

Vang Vieng is visually beautiful. I think I may have already said that. Seriously though, waking up to misty mountains is the best way to start the day. That, and no bites! Mosquitoes are going down. Getting up early for a proper day of activites is so much more exciting than getting up for a bus journey. So far, the fullest days have been the best days, and today is jam packed. The breakfast here is a bit miss rather than hit, but it’s filling enough. I’m glad we’re getting lunch included, there was no way we’d have been able to acquire it from breakfast. Continue reading “Adventurers ‘R’ us”

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Toilet Wars: Return of the Squat

I love Laos. I have been here a day, and I absolutely love it. I don’t care about the vast distances we are going to shift in various transports, or the increased malaria risk, or the increased language barrier, it is a beautiful country. Last night was really nice, which has made getting up early to check-out and tuk tuk around arches and temples that much easier. The breakfast left a bit to be desired, but if that’s the only downside to Laos, I will take it and run.  Continue reading “Toilet Wars: Return of the Squat”