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If today was was a GCSE result, it would have got an A

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think ‘Today is going to be a good day?’ No, me neither, usually.

That said, this morning I woke up, and just felt happy, excited, productive, which is a bit new for me. I think I might be a morning person (my Mum would vehemently disagree considering how late I sometimes, and prefer to, rise) which is good to learn, even if I have wasted many a morning in bed.

Vietnamese Visa
Vietnamese Visa

My Vietnamese visa arrived this morning, which was a great wake to mark the 4 weeks today until I fly to Thailand marker. I am ridiculously excited. Ever since that little countdown clock on the side of my blog changed from months to days it has seemed extra real. Seeing the visa in my passport was an extra thing that made my mood soar this morning! (I have put a pic up, the weird angle is just to hide any actual details of either my passport/visa for security reasons.)

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