A Love for Narration

If you have followed my blog for a while then you will probably realise that I acquire and consume books at a very fast rate. I love to read and immerse myself in a good story, and will do so in anyway whether it’s graphic novels or audiobook, tomes or e-books, if I can read it then I’ll probably give it a go. Continue reading


Top Ten Tuesday: Romance Freebie | Favourite OTP’s

In the spirit of all things Valentine’s day and romance, Jana has thrown us a romance freebie. Sometimes, I really can’t be doing with a freebie week, and find it quite difficult to settle on a topic, but this time, I’ve embraced it whole-heartedly (heart ❤ geddit!). I was thinking of romance books, and just how much I don’t love a novel when the central theme is a romantic pairing, so I abandoned all notions of writing a list of my favourite romance stories, and decided to think about my favourite pairings.

For all of you who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved, click here. The lovely folks at Broke and Bookish teamed together to create this awesome weekly prompt, which is now hosted by the wonderful Jana @ The Artsy Reader Girl. Quite simply, you list the top ten of the topic prompt.

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The 140 Character Review: Welcome Back!

Guys, I read a lot books. I watch a lot of TV and film. I take into account other people’s opinions when I choose what to read and write, but I am quite bad at reviewing things myself. OK, I know not everyone is going to care what I think or what I say, but it’s nice to be able to give a little bit back to the bookish and TV/Film world, to review what I read/watch, and to keep a record of what it made me think at the time. This year, I’ve also set some pretty big goals and resolutions, namely reviewing everything I read, so I thought that a helping hand was needed.

So, with this in mind, I have decided to bring back my old blogging meme The 140 Character Review. Quite simply, it is a review that could be composed and completed within the length of a tweet (well, before they upped the character limit!) The time taken to review something in such a short format is a lot less than writing a full review, but it still captures my thoughts and feelings. I also find that writing with such a low count makes you think concisely and clearly about the media you have consumed.  Continue reading

Unboxing Lootcrate | November 2017

Look at what we have here, it’s another Lootcrate unboxing. This time, I did absolutely no spying on Twitter or Instagram, so I didn’t have a scooby doo what was going to arrive in my box. I think I like it that way, everything was a surprise. I am always excited when subscriptions are due, but the theme of this box was ‘Secrets of the Wizarding World’, so my tingly spidey senses were even more on edge that usual! This time, the box inside looked like the Marauder’s Map, so when it is folded inside out and rebuilt, the box has the really cool pattern and lettering that appears when the map is first revealed. Clever considering the theme really!

This is a little late, I can almost hear you saying! And you’re absolutely correct. It wasn’t my fault either. This box arrived as close to Christmas as it could have without missing it, on December 23rd. It was the November crate technically, but around the time it would usually be sent, the normal delivery information email never arrived. Instead, a few days later, there was a generic email stating that the November shipment had been delayed. Now, I wouldn’t usually mind, I completely understand that this is a product that is dependant on their suppliers, but it was the complete lack of information and the fact they said we would receive information on December 1oth relating to traffic, and nothing had arrived by December 17th. Pestering on Twitter was completely unsuccessful (although they did answer), so when I received the information and then the box a couple of days later, I was simultaneously relieved, and disappointed.

Loot crate is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive collectables, apparel and gear delivered to your door. I am currently subscribed to receive the Wizarding World crate, a bi-monthly subscription that brings the magic of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts right to your doorstep. Let’s check out this month’s box:

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Christmas Unwrapped

Happy New Year! I hope everyone doesn’t have too sore a head after last night, and that you all have a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year. As New Year’s day is here, and we’re now a week away from Christmas 2017, and just 358 days from Christmas 2018, I thought it was high time that I unwrapped Christmas for all of you.

Christmas is always a time for family in our house. Since I’ve moved out of my parents house, I had been taking a couple of things round with me when I went round to put around the Christmas tree, before moving myself back into my old room for the festive period (I didn’t return home until late on 30th December!) This meant old traditions of making more than the specified amount of stuffing and also meant new traditions of having a takeway on Christmas Eve (Indian of course) followed by a quick trip to the local pub. It also meant going to bed on Christmas Eve knowing that family, and presents would be there on Christmas morning. Like always in our house, my Aunt and Uncle on my Dad’s side had travelled up from the Midlands, and my Gran was down near Oxford with my Aunt, Uncles, cousins, and dog. Continue reading

T5W: 2018 Wishlist

Can you believe that Christmas and Boxing Day are over already? It’s my Mum’s birthday tomorrow and then it’s New Years, so like already there is lots for our family to celebrate at this time of year, but it’s going so quickly! I’ve read into so many new genres, started more recent releases, and read brand new authors over the past year, so for the first time in a long time there are new releases that are coming out in 2018 that I am really excited about!

If you want to find out more, or take part in, Top 5 Wednesday, click here to find Lainey and Samantha’s Goodreads page. Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading in 2018

Happy Boxing Day everybody! I hope you all had an absolutely amazing Christmas and are enjoying the festive period, however you celebrate! I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone again already! I feel like Christmas has just suddenly exploded for me this year, it took a while to get into the festive mood and then BOOM it has been and gone. I am a serial Boxing Day sale shopper, so I’ve already been looking for some bargains! I hope Santa brought everything you wanted, and everything you didn’t know you didn’t want.

For all of you who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved, click here. The lovely folks at Broke and Bookish team together to produce a book related topic each week, and you simply list the top ten of that topic.

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