Strictly Saturdays | Week Seven

Halloween has been and gone, which means November is here and things are hotting up in the ballroom and cooling down outside. I absolutely love this time of year. Warm boots and jumpers, birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas songs and decorations everywhere, dark football nights, I just love it. I feel like this is where the show really hots up too. Suddenly Halloween has gone and it’s all serious from here on out and I am about it!

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Strictly Saturdays | Week Six Spooktacular

It’s the best week of the Strictly year. I bloody love the Halloween Spooktacular! The dances are bigger, the pros have more to do, the hair and make up is absolutely insane, and everything just sets off and becomes big and bold and everything Strictly ever could or should be. Historically there have been some historically brilliant dances on the Halloween shows of the past, I hope this lives up to expectations.

Strictly Saturdays is a weekly review of Strictly Come Dancing. Expect biased reviews, uneducated dancing critique, and sass. Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays | Week Six Spooktacular”

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T5W: Favourite Cosplay

Hello princes and princesses, I’m currently in Disney World having a magical time! It’s a bit hot too dress up here but that’s not stopping the hoards of Halloween obsessives from dressing up in any manner of weird and wonderful costumes. Speaking of, this week’s topic is a pretty cool Halloween but not actually Halloween topic, it’s all about dressing up and Cosplay. I’ve never really taken part in any Cosplay etc. if I am being honest, but, I love admiring the incredible outfits that people come up with and so with that in mind, check out my list of 5 favourite Cosplay ideas.

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Strictly Saturdays: Week 6 Spooktacular

Good evening ghouls and witches and welcome to 2018’s Strictly Spooktacular. Straight up honesty here, I haven’t seen the full show because they don’t broadcast it in the USA, but I don’t want to miss out so I’ve watched the new live stream they add on YouTube and checked out everyone’s dances and costumes and it all looked stunning. It’s nice watching it that way, all of the filler is cut and you can condense the show down to 20mins, but it means I didn’t get to see the pro dance at the beginning and didn’t get to see the training footage that is always fun in Hallowe’en week. So yes, this week will be a lot shorter than usual, but I’m still here and reviewing, yay! Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: Week 6 Spooktacular”


Spooktacular Strictly Come Dancing: Week 6

Helloooooo, and welcome to a spooky, scary, spectacular of a Halloween special. As things hot up at Hellstree, the costumes come out, the wacky make-up is at it’s best, and fun personalities dance across the ballroom in the most entertaining night of the series. Week 6 is always the turning points, where the worst guys start to to linger at the bottom, the guys in the middle take off, and the guys at the top really get into their stride. There is an extra pro dance, there is a lots of awesome outfits, and we get to see Count Dave Arch in all his finery.

Bruno is back (which I’m not actually sure I am happy about) as Beetlejuice, Craig has dressed as the Joker, Darcey channelling Red Riding Hood, and Shirley absolutely killing it as Cruella De Vil. There are spiders and ghouls, witches and the Mother of Dragons, what more could you want?

Last week we (finally) saw the end of Brian and Amy, and I really can’t say I am at all disappointed. I was waiting for him to go since week 1, and was ready for him to bite the bullet. Joe also got his first 10 of the series, rising back to the (near) top of the leaderboard, which was a welcome sight!

To start the show, the ghostly pros performed a pretty awesome dance. The theming was so creepy and ghastly and looked so incredible. Neil was also the middle of the dance rocking his costume to perfection. I literally love him. Claudia looks pretty in her flapper style dress, it must be hard for her to get into the Halloween mood after everything with her daughter a couple of years ago, and Tess looks fierce in her deep red velvet  SYMMETRICAL dress. Now, let’s get on with show…

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Strictly Saturdays: The One With the Spooky Segway

It’s that time of year again – get out your spray cans, fish out the rhinestones and sequins I know you have stashed away, and grab the wineglasses – Strictly Come Dancing is back! Yep, you read that right, the nation’s favourite Saturday night show is back on TV. And while last night was really good, I do think Strictly makes a Saturday night, and Saturday nights are made for Strictly.

This year, I happen to be living with a good friend who is also a big Strictly fan and fellow blogger. This means only one thing – doubled-up live-blogging… because bitching comments and shameless perving shouldn’t just be reserved for our living room, it should be shared with the…masses?

Here’s how it works:
Each week myself and Emma will be bringing you a tag-team live-blog of Strictly Come Dancing. We will be alternating whose blog it is posted on so if you want to keep up-to-date with our clearly deeply insightful commentaries, then you should make sure you’re following both of our blogs.

For the first time since this year’s Strictly began, Emma and I will not be watching it together. She has returned to the North-East for a belated birthday trip home to see family and friends, and as the only one with a laptop, I’m taking on the Halloween special. Not only are we separate, but we’re attempting to coordinate this post online from opposite sides of the country, should be fun!

Last week, we had another controversial dance-off as Daisy And Aljaz took on Lesley and Anton, and it was Lesley Joseph that we said good bye too. It’s very sad, I liked Lesley and I will miss her a lot, but it was a fair decision as Daisy was much better on the results show.

The drama that was rife through last weeks show is so far absent this week, as everyone is back and dancing. As much as I dislike Laura and Giovanni, I never wish anyone is genuinely injured so it is good to hear that she is back, and Brendan has recovered from his illness, and is back (a big shout out to the beautiful and wonderful Gorka for filling in so gallantly last week) so we are back to a normal show this week.

Well, I say normal, there is a spooky vibe in the ballroom, because this weekend is the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!! I’m just a little bit excited. There will be everything from bats to frogs, witches to mad professors, and about everything in between. I love the themed weeks, and the hilarious antics on Halloween week make it pretty much my favourite show of the series. And someone always steps up, turns a corner, so it should be an amazing show. And a stunning one, is Strictly’s Twitter and Instagram are anything to go by!!

So, enough of the preamble, bring on the ghouls, and let’s get on with the show!! Continue reading “Strictly Saturdays: The One With the Spooky Segway”

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T5W: Spooky Literary Settings

118368It’s Halloween season, the spooky characters of the world are coming out from their coffins and caves, and the pumpkins are at the door of the supermarkets. It’s a good time.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Spooktacular Halloween Freebie

tttGuys, I am still sick. My daily blogging has flown miles out of the window as I just don’t have the energy, we had Emma’s birthday, so shopping and calzone had to take a precedence, and it’s been a weekend that was partially full of reading (due to the 24hr readathon). Tonight is the leaving do for the lovely girls in the office that are going travelling for the next few months/years, and I was looking forward to it. Sadly a week of early starts, overtime, and sickness have stopped my plans to see them off, and so instead, I’m remembering to write this post, beginning my NanoWriMo plans, and (re) watching The Proposal.

Anyway, enough with the whiny moping about my life, and on wards with this spooky themed Top Ten Tuesday post.  For all you lovely people who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved. click here. The lovely folks at Broke and Bookish team together to produce a book related topic each week, and you simply list the top ten of that topic.

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