A Guide to Growing Out a Pixie Cut

15 months ago I decided that my short and shaved pixie cut was a style ready for change. I was tired of having a cold neck and a lack of styling opportunities, and, 18 months after chopping it off was ready to start the process of growing it out. Safe to say a year ago in my original post I was unhappy with my progress and debating whether it was the right thing for me. Then, 7 months ago I was entering the bob phase and realising that I should have known better than to go it alone and roll with it.

Well, I can now announce that my hair officially ties back, and is pretty much up to my shoulders. Yey. Does that count as grown out? I think so. It’s not nearly as long as it used to be, and I haven’t reached the length I am aiming for (I don’t think, I don’t actually know what length I am aiming for), but it’s grown out and can no longer be called a short style. Continue reading “A Guide to Growing Out a Pixie Cut”