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Bout of Books 16: Day 6

Bout of Books 16This is going to be a short and sweet post because I did no reading whatsoever, and that was planned. I visited my friend in Stoke, my travel buddy who toured the world with me, and we had plans. We went for food, watched a stupid amount of needless Youtube videos, had a good ol’ catch up, and went to see Hairspray, which was amazing (again!)

I hope you had a more successful day than I did in the reading stakes! I’ll try and double up on the challenges in my final post!

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The 140 character film review – Magical, musical, marvel-ous Christmas

TV episodes, mainly of the Neal Caffrey and White Collar variety, have occupied most of our TV/film watching time. Now as we have finished the series completely (sob) I thought I would get round to reviewing the films we watched around his Caffrey-ness and whilst we mourn the loss of him from our screens (literally.) Continue reading “The 140 character film review – Magical, musical, marvel-ous Christmas”