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Before arriving in Baltimore, all I knew bout the city I had learnt from the TV and Frank from the California Zephyr. The stuff Frank told us was (mostly) good: get crabs, see the inner harbour, go to see the baseball. The stuff I had seen on the TV was a lot less impressive, as I had gained the knowledge from the Wire and Hannibal; hardly the best impressions of a place. Continue reading “Baltimore”

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The 140 character TV show review – I blame Emma

When I first moved from County to Pendle college at Lancaster University, it’s safe to say I hated the place. I had next to no friends on campus, and I was fed up with my course. Fast forward a couple of years, I’ve graduated with a BSc Honours degree from Lancaster University in Geography, I’ve made some awesome friends, and I am travelling the world (with one of them, although I think that is going to be the first and last time I call you awesome Jade ;P) Continue reading “The 140 character TV show review – I blame Emma”