Tome Topple Readathon | Updates

As you may have seen from my earlier TBR post, and my twitter account, I have decided to take part in this month’s Tome Topple Readathon. To monitor my own progress, and keep all you lovely people up to date, I am going to post regularly (ish) here!*

For those of you who don’t know much about this awesome readathon, check out the dedicated Goodreads or Twitter. A brief overview, over the next 2 weeks, the aim is to tackle and read as many books over 500 pages as time and sanity allows!

*Last Updated @ 10pm on 12/04/17 Continue reading

Friday Reads: Thank God It’s Friday

Ahhh, That Friday Feeling. I know everyone talks about it, but I feel like I haven’t felt it, in, well, a long while. I have the whole weekend off for the first time (holiday aside) since January. I say off, I have work things to do, housework, building furniture, and of course, it is Mothering Sunday in the UK, so I will be celebrating that with the family. Emma and I have also made grand plans to both read and blog, it’s nice to be able to set a block aside for that sort of thing. Continue reading

Friday Reads: It’s almost holiday time!

Today is my last day off before I go on holiday. I am firmly on a countdown clock until I go away, and I have just 3 days left in work! I can’t wait. So where am I going, I hear you (jealously?) ask? I am going, with my Mum, to Miami/Caribbean, for almost 2 weeks and I am super excited for some winter sun, and to see more of the Caribbean Islands. And yes, I am already planning which books to take away we with me for the cruise. Continue reading

Friday Reads: TBR Takedown

I have had a week that has actually, for once, been fairly productive. It has been a fair while since I have had back to back days off where sleeping and recovery was not the main focus, and so I have tried to utilise them (semi) wisely. I have been to the gym twice, and actually quite enjoyed it both times (I know, shocking). I have done a bit of tidying and cleaning around the house (including putting the Christmas decorations away away, and 3 sets of laundry) and have finally felt like I am getting a hang of this bullet journal thing. Continue reading

Friday Reads: I’ve got that Friday feeling

rebeccaI’ve got that Friday feeling today. Y’know the one, where work doesn’t seem to be dragging, your mood is much brighter, and the weekend is here? Yeah that one. Which is weird considering I am going to be in work all weekend, and actually don;t have a day off until¬†next weekend. But there we go. Friday’s can just be that good. I think the lie-in might have had something to do with it?? Continue reading

Friday Reads: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

xmasjumperIt took us a while to put up the decorations this year, but the tree is well up, the Christmas jumpers are out and on, the festive baguettes and drinks are in the shops, and last night was the Christmas Quiz. I bloody love Christmas (as anyone who has seen my continually growing festive jumper will attest to – see pictured for my Christmas Eve jumper this year). The 23rd to 25th December is hardly the best weekend to commit to reading anything, but who cares, I’m going to do it anyway! Continue reading

Friday Reads: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I don’t think I ever formally declared my intentions to participate I NanoWriMo (and if I did, I must have wiped it from my memory permanently!). I decided to pull back a little on the daily blogging I had taken to participating in during November and NanoWriMo. In part, this was to enable more writing time for NanoWriMo, but after 8/9 days I spectacularly failed so that portion of the plan didn’t really help much. The other reason was the enjoyment of blogging. I used to love writing posts for different things, different each day and week, but once I was daily blogging, and joining group blog events, I began to feel like some themes were a little repetitive, and that I was viewing it more as a chore than a hobby. And so here we are, 40 days and a couple of Strictly Saturdays blog posts later, and I am back! Continue reading