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Music, Monotony, and Monks

It’s been a while since I last blogged, a whole week I believe. I’d love to start this new week with an action-packed adventurous week that was so interesting I didn’t have time to write. Unfortunately, the truth is much more mundane than that. This last week has been fairly void of intrigue and fun. I won’t go as far as to say boring, but it’s the first week in a long time that has been routine-filled and monotonous. Continue reading “Music, Monotony, and Monks”

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Observing the madness

As you know, I am currently teaching in Thailand. If you don’t know, where have you been and what have you been reading?! AYC, the company that employs Jade and I, sent the dreaded ‘we’re coming to observe your lesson’ this weekend. Of course they said they would turn up on my busiest day – Tuesday – when I have no time to sit and talk to them. Well, they said they were coming on Tuesday, then rocked up a day early. Continue reading “Observing the madness”

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Time Wasting

I am not sure teaching is what I expected it to be. At first, I wondered if it was because I was teaching in a different language. It’s not easy to communicate with the kids, and the adults, in a foreign language, whether teaching or just in general conversation. It’s not easy teaching different ages one after the other, assessing the ability of each class, and the ability of the students within the class as well. I expected those dilemmas to crop up, teaching English in a primary school isn’t like any teaching experience I had so I knew there would be issues that I hadn’t faced before. What I am struggling with is the boredom and wasting time.

Continue reading “Time Wasting”

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Meet my new friend

In all my life, in pretty much everything I have done, I have had self-confidence. I don’t particularly think I am arrogant, but I have faith in myself that if I have prepared and organised my resources and time, I can complete any task/job I am expected to. Self-doubt, nerves, and panic are emotions that I am simply not used to!

Until now.  Continue reading “Meet my new friend”