Adulting: Routine

Adulting….isn’t it hard work, eh? For those of you who know me, you’ll probably know that I am fairly laid back. For those of you who don’t know me, I try my best to go with the flow, and often live in the midst of organised chaos that works for me! I have enjoyed the freedom, and the time that working different shifts has allowed me, I enjoy the long weekends it gives me off to enjoy myself, and I like the early finishes, and the lie-ins it sometimes affords me. However, I absolutely love routine, which contradicts this completely.

But the one thing my life is currently missing is routine. I used to have a real routine nailed down to the second. I try not to waste time in the mornings, and I used to have an almost military timed routine in place. You’re probably thinking this goes against all that I have just said about being chilled out, but the routine I build lets me be like that. I don’t like faffing so I know how long every task takes me, and know how long I can sleep in for, and at the end of the day, it gives me more time to be relaxed. I feel like a lack of routine is starting to really wear me down.

*Sorry for the long, pathetic rant that is about to ensue/lack of sense in the content! Continue reading


#Leanin15: Month 2

leanA month is a long. long time people. It’s been hectic and non stop all month. Luckily the craziness and the activity has been largely good news, but it has meant a lack of any definable routine or schedule, and even less planning. Not the best conditions to begin planning and executing a ‘diet’ plan, eh? Continue reading

#Leanin15: Month 1

Lleanast year, when I went travelling, I spent a lot of time on the move, lugging heavy baggage, and forgoing full meals to maximise the amount of activities I could afford to do while I was on the move.  The combination of more exercise and less food meant a regular drop in weight and an increase in fitness (surprise surprise, who knew?!), and meant I came back feeling healthier than I have in a long while. Continue reading