Adulting: Spring Clean

Yesterday, I posted all about my blog. I posted about the changes I wanted to make, and I posted about the big decisions I have ahead for how I want my blog to be. It made me think about my life as a whole. Now, stay with me here, it’s not going to be quite as deep as I made it sound there, but, why stop at an e-spring clean? My bedroom looks like a nuclear bomb detonated a series of hand grenades in every drawer and wardrobe and then a group of monkeys were released to reek havoc with any available piece of clothing. I know you’re probably thinking that’s an exaggeration, but the photos later will show you that I’m not joking.

My car is also creeping along the untidy scale at an alarming rate. I’ve had Pedro for about 6 months now, and I vowed to keep him clean and tidy. I was doing relatively well, he was quite tidy and pretty clean (at least on the inside) for quite a long time, but over the last couple of weeks, he has just suddenly began breeding rubbish. I know my car needs cleaning on the outside because I drive far each day between fields, and it is pretty dusty, but inside was always nice and neat. Now as that’s changing, it’s starting to stress me out a little, which in turn has stressed me out about my room.

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Blog Spring Clean

I’ve really got back into blogging over the past few months. I’ve got into a bit more of a blogging groove, and feel like I have a little bit of a blogging routine forming. The more I fall into blogging, and planning, and writing, the more I notice that I am unhappy with aspects of my blog itself. With this in mind, I have been looking into different aspects that can be tweaked and improved, and little things that I can do that will make me happier overall.

It’s time for some blog admin, an e-spring clean if you will. There are so many little bits of my blog that I am not entirely happy with, and I don’t quite know how or if it’s possible to fix them. There are aspects of my blog that I am debating upgrading and think now is the perfect time to consider them. Continue reading “Blog Spring Clean”