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Friday Favourites: Favourite North American Destinations

statuelibertyIf you do something 3 times it becomes a habit, right? Is that how it goes? Right, well then, this is now a habit. A fortnight ago I posted all about my favourite cities in Europe, and so this week, I decided to go a little bit further away from home and write about my favourite places in North America.

Friday favourites is a fortnightly post featuring travel tips, guides, advice, and thoughts based on my travel experiences!  Continue reading “Friday Favourites: Favourite North American Destinations”

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The constant travelling on buses is starting to get very tiresome. As are the journeys to and from the bus station with our bags. The bus from Niagara falls was relatively short in comparison to many that we have had to, and will have to take, but the Amtrak has thoroughly spoilt us and they are becoming a real drag. Sorry for complaining though, I am sure there are many people who would give a lot to be travelling like we are. Continue reading “Toronto”

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Niagara Falls

There are few feelings better than dumping your bags on the floor after you have walked almost two miles carrying 35kilos, after travelling for 18 hours on a bus. Seriously, the relief is insane. Even in a distinctly average motel, the feeling is huge. We had taken a break to get a subway (which would serve as lunch the next day too) but weren’t up for going out once we settled into our motel for the evening. Continue reading “Niagara Falls”