Bout of Books 19: Sign Up and Intentions

Bout of Books is back my friends. *dances, twirls, runs round the room with a banner and hooter* Everyone’s favourite low key, awesome, friendly, fun readathon is back in May, so of course I am going to be there. This was the readathon that started them all off for me, and the readathon that re-engaged me with my blog! So, do you like super people, fun challenges, twitter chats, and reading at your own pace, then come aboard for the adventure on May 8th because you’re invited too!! Continue reading

Bout of Books 18: It’s a wrap

bob-expert06And that, as they say ladies and gentlemen, is that. I can’t believe we are over a week into the new year. I can’t believe that the readathon is over once again. I have had a really good week, in life, in work, and in reading, so it has been a pretty good start to the year all in all, how about you?

Anyway, the readathon. How did you get on? Continue reading

Bout of Books 18: Day 7

bob-expert06I hate this day, the day when Bout of Books comes to an end and I feel a little bit lost. Because I will miss the daily posts, the structured reading, the challenges, the twitter chats, and of course all the lovely bout of bookers who join in. Sigh, at least the FA Cup continues today. At least I have things to do and Sherlock is on again tonight. What am I going to do without Taboo and Sherlock to look forward to at the weekend? Continue reading

Bout of Books 18: Day 6

bob-expert06It’s the weekend: yey! I have the weekend off: yey! It’s the penultimate day of Bout of Books 18: booo! After all the overtime I have done this week, and know I have lined up for the rest of the month, I am quite tired. So, to combat that, Emma and I have devised a day that has maximum productivity for minimum effort. That sounds about right for the first Saturday of 2017, right?!

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Bout of Books 18: Day 5

bob-expert06I’m getting that Friday feeling. I have nothing major planned for the weekend except lounging around, a cinema trip, and a Tavern breakfast, and it is glorious to think of doing so little. Well, not little, reading, watching, and bullet journalling. Just a 10hr shift before then. Not too bad….?! Oh wait, the gym after… Continue reading

Bout of Books 18: Day 4

bob-expert06I am in denial that this is the half way point and I am going to pretend that it’s just going to go on forever, OK? Good! I have a normal shift slot, length, everything today, no overtime or crazy starts or finishes, which makes a weirdly nice change. It’s the local pub’s quiz of the year tonight, and I will actually have an evening to do things. I am hoping the earlier start also means more reading time of course too!

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Bout of Books 18: Day 3

bob-expert06We’re nearly half way through Bout of Books 18, what is this madness? Not sure I am OK with how fast these readathons fly by if I am being honest with you. Not that I can do anything about it mind. I am really starting to enjoy my second book of the readathon Crooked Kingdom, and I am really hoping for a slightly less crazy day. My head felt all over the place many times yesterday!! Continue reading