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Bout of Books 22: Day 1


Guess who’s back, back again, Guess who’s back, tell a friend, yes yes yes it’s Bout of Books Time. I had completely lost my reading mojo, but excitement about my favourite readathon got me back in the reading mood last night and I could not be happier about that fact!

We’re all friendly, fun, and book obsessed, so if you’d like to take part, it’s not too late to sign up here! There will also be a Twitter Chat at 8pm CST (TZC) so if you’re up and about online, you should definitely take part. Make sure to follow @BoutofBooks and use #BoutofBooks when sharing posts on social media! I’m not sure I will be taking part in this one as it falls at 2am local time for me, but there is another one on Saturday if this time doesn’t suit you!

I’m also a Bout of Books expert, here to help the lovely ladies at Bout of Books with all your readathon related enquiries, and to offer all round support and help for the readathon! So please, comment on my updates, and tweet me here!

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Bout of Books 20: Day 7

Don’t look at me! I don’t want to be sad in front of you all. I hate that it’s the last day of Bout of Books 20. I hate hate hate it. Why does it have to ennnnnnd? At least I am off work today (for the first time since the readathon began) which should allow for some reading progress to be made later. I can’t decide how I feel about my progress during this readathon. Part of me feels like I haven’t done very well at all, and part of me feels like I’ve made really solid progress. Hopefully I read enough today to firmly put my feelings in the latter box. I also enjoyed what I could of the twitter chat yesterday, so I couldn’t be there fully for the whole thing!

How has your readathon gone? Have you read as much as you would like to have? What have you been reading this week?

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Bout of Books 20: Day 6

I don’t wike it. Tomorrow is the end, and I don’t want the end already. I DON’T WIKE IT. (I realise that if you’re not as obsessed with Chris Evans as I am then this makes little to no sense, sorry). I saved myself from absolute irritation beyond measure last night by finishing a poetry collection, and d’you know what, I enjoyed it and I am a staunch believer that poetry is universally rubbish.

Today, there is lots of things to fill this sunny weekend day with. Reading, a great challenge, and of course a twitter chat. I have realised I am in work at 4pm local time to me when it is on (10am CST), but I am hoping to take my lunch to coincide with it. I don’t want to miss out. If not, I’ll sporadically be involved.

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Bout of Books 20: Day 5

It’s nearly the weekend. Huzzah! Shame I don’t have it off. It’s nearly the end of the readathon, booooo! Liz is making dreadful progress and might need to stay up for a year to actually get any reading done during this readathon, boooooooooooooooo! I really should have read more than I did yesterday, but I didn’t, so now I am left dragging behind my challenges. Sigh.

Emma is going home today for the weekend, so I am home alone tonight, so the plan is to have a quiet reading night in and make some serious progress.

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2015 Bookish Resolutions

2015 is upon us, signalling a new year full of new challenges and of course, new resolutions. I completed a post all about my resolutions for 2015/2558 resolutions and New Years Eve here, so I won’t go repeating myself too much.

This post is all about my love for books, and my new resolutions regarding reading this year. I don’t know how many I am going to make, I expect quite a few, so let’s get started. Continue reading “2015 Bookish Resolutions”