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Adulting: Post-Holiday

Holidays, vacations, trips, breaks, whatever you like to call them, they are great. We get away from the mundane and repetitive existence of home and working life, and explore new places, see new things, taste new food and drinks, and (usually) relax. And then you get home, and everything that was going on before you went away is still going on, and there is stuff you need to do that you didn’t realise was a thing. Why is adulting so hard? Continue reading “Adulting: Post-Holiday”


Adulting: Why didn’t school teach me THAT?

Do you remember sitting there in school, twiddling a pen between your fingers staring out of the window thinking ‘when the hell am I ever going to need this complicated algebraic formula’? When you were learning about laws of motion, or constructing pieces of (dreadful, untuneful) music in Sibelius, and just thinking this is not enriching my life what so ever? I sit in my everyday life now wondering idly, why on earth didn’t they teach me this in school? Continue reading “Adulting: Why didn’t school teach me THAT?”


Adulting: The Financial Advisor

2016 was an interesting year to say the least. Personally, it was a fairly decent year for me, unlike the wider world. Despite turning 25, and feeling increasingly older, many things happened, or progressed, over the course of the year. That said, the changing face of home and work life has led to a changing view on the world, and has also led to a major change in finances. I make more money than I ever had, but I have more outgoings, and more things that are vital to survive to pay for.  Continue reading “Adulting: The Financial Advisor”


Adulting: Bills, Bills, Bills

I’ve decided to blog about the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens, of going my own way, morphing from childhood to adultdom. So, every Monday I am going to welcome the week with a post all about Adulting.

Last week, I introduced the idea with a post on Moving in. I briefly mentioned some of the perks and the pitfalls of moving into my own place, so this week, I have decided to scrutinise one inescapable aspect of moving out. BILLS. Continue reading “Adulting: Bills, Bills, Bills”