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Friday Favourites: Land Down Under

Well, well, it is Friday again already! Where is this year disappearing to? Well, another Friday means another Friday Favourites. A few weeks, I put off writing a post about all my favourites places down under and did a cruise filled post full of favourite tit-bits. But I can’t put off Australia no longer, so here is a selection of my favourite places in Australia (finally).

Friday favourites is a fortnightly post featuring travel tips, guides, advice, and thoughts based on my travel experiences! Continue reading “Friday Favourites: Land Down Under”

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Australia: The Good and the Bad

I have said throughout my time in Australia that there are few things that have really irritated me about the place and that will force me to blog when the time comes to leave. Well that time is here. I am sitting in Melbourne Airport waiting a stupidly long time for the check-in gate to open, so I thought, eh what the heck, let’s write it now. Continue reading “Australia: The Good and the Bad”


G’day Oz!

IMG_7440Arriving in Australia has been on my countdown clock since I finished teaching, and for Jade I am sure a lot longer. As border entries from Asia to Australia go, we got through quickly and easily, and even managed to get a stamp in our passports to ass to our growing collection. When we saw Helen in the airport I sighed in relief knowing we had made it and we would be able to stop and call somewhere home for a couple of weeks. And of course spend time with Marc and Helen. Continue reading “G’day Oz!”

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Time Flies

As another Friday rolls around and another week comes to an end, I’ve realised, I’ve almost finished in Roi-Et. It’s been great to meet lots of new people, experience new cultures and jobs, and to see new places, I absolutely cannot believe that time has gone this fast and that I have lived here for 3 months. Continue reading “Time Flies”