Friday Favourites: Favourite North American Destinations

statuelibertyIf you do something 3 times it becomes a habit, right? Is that how it goes? Right, well then, this is now a habit. A fortnight ago I posted all about my favourite cities in Europe, and so this week, I decided to go a little bit further away from home and write about my favourite places in North America.

Friday favourites is a fortnightly post featuring travel tips, guides, advice, and thoughts based on my travel experiences!  Continue reading

New Orleans

I had high expectations of New Orleans. I have heard great things about the people, the food, the culture, and the architecture, so when we arrived there, I had a picture of what the place would be like in my mind. As excited as I was for Florida and all it entailed, I was excited to see somewhere new as the last stop before a family reunion. And it did not disappoint. Continue reading


Boy oh boy is the South hot! Both of us thought the heat in Charlotte was cranking up, and that Atlanta was hot, but it has been a long time since I felt as hot as I did in Alabama! It’s kind of sad that our time here is going to be spent in the hotel room, what with the rich history and civil rights significance, but my foot definitely needs it and there is a lot of nerdy nerdy things to catch up on from Comic-Con and Nerd HQ! Continue reading


There were a few things I was pretty sure I would feel in Atlanta: pain from my foot, irritation from the heat, and the feeling that we were staying there too long. All of these we true. We saw some nice parks, and met some friendly people, but I am sad to report that I think Atlanta might be the first place I have actually not like while we have been travelling. Continue reading


I’m really not sure that our impressions of the place are based on the place itself, or more the individual that took it upon himself to make sure that we had seen more of Charlotte than many of it’s locals. And by golly is it warming up there, really really warming up now! Continue reading

Washington D.C.

When we were deciding where to go before we left the UK, I was dead-set that the Grand Canyon and Washington D.C. would be on the list. When we realised that we would be in America throughout the summer, planning July 4th celebrations became increasingly important. It didn’t take long for the pair of us to realise that the best place to celebrate Independence day was going to be the capital, so after planning and re-planning, booking and tweaking, we made it to Washington to see America celebrate America like only America knows how. Continue reading


There is something really great about knowing that there aren’t many of these overnight buses left. After boiling on the back seat, but managing to get a tiny bit of sleep, we arrived in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, we couldn’t just pop round the corner to our hotel. We managed to find a bus that would take us to New Jersey (yes, a different state) to the area where our hotel was. Continue reading