Unboxing Loot Crate | July 2017

I’m so excited! I have received my first Wizarding World Loot crate, and it’s time to open up the box and see what’s inside. I have taken out a Loot crate subscription before, last time it was for Loot Wearables, which contained things like jumpers, raglans, and pyjama bottoms. I loved receiving it, but decided that the investment wasn’t quite worth pursuing as I wasn’t interested in enough of the themes. Then Loot crate started the Wizarding World Crate. I umm’d and ahhh’d for quite a while, and let the first couple of months disappear. Then I saw this month’s them and knew it was time to put in an order. It came at a great time, I was suffering after a car crash and needed a boost, and what better than magical goodies delivered to your doorstep?

Lootcrate is a monthly¬†subscription box full of exclusive collectibles, apparel and gear delivered to your door. I am currently subscribed to receive the Wizarding World crate, a¬†bi-monthly subscription that brings the magic of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts right to your doorstep. Let’s check out this month’s box:

*I wrote this quite a while a go, and then didn’t quite finish it, so yes it’s super late. But my second crate just arrived so I decided I needed to post this one first!

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Bout of Books 13 – Day 2

BOBToday, Jade and I said goodbye to Sydney and drove to the Blue Mountains. Lots of driving and walking have severly reduced potential reading time. Now as we are back to the driving and are no longer relying on public transport like we did in Sydney, I can’t just sit and read while we go to places. Continue reading “Bout of Books 13 – Day 2”