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O.W.Ls Readathon 2020 | Update

Hello witches, wizards, muggles, and trolls! OWLs Readathon 2020 is running through the whole of April (check out my sign up post here), so I thought I would do a quick revision update to see how I have been getting on with each exam assignment now as we’re a week into this readathon!

This readathon is probably one of the few things keeping me sane at the moment. There is no sport on the TV, there is no frivolous trips out of the house in the nice weather, and working from home cabin fever is starting to hit. Don’t get me wrong, I am working and living in a nice house, but still it’s not the easiest time so a good readathon was definitely needed.

I’ve had a great month/readathon so far! I’ve used last weeks Cosy Reading Night and the lockdown to try and read more and it is so far working pretty well. I am definitely listening to less audiobooks now that my commute is only my stairs, but I am physically reading more books again and that is a very nice side effect. I am hoping to find some truly amazing stories, hopefully some that completely take me out of the world as it is now and into something.somewhere completely different and new and captivating.


Ancient Runes – Heart on cover/in title 

Meet Cute Helena Hunting


Arithmancy –  Something outside your favourite genre

Tunnel of Bones V E Schwab

Astronomy – Read when dark outside 

Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie


Care of Magical Creatures – beak on the cover

The Double Eagle James Twining

Charms – White cover 

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Holly Jackson


Defence Against the Dark Arts – Set at sea/in a coastal town

The Wicked Deep Shea Ernshaw

Divination – Random from your TBR

Animal Farm George Orwell

Herbology – Title starts with ‘M’

Moonraker Ian Fleming OR Macbeth Jo Nesbo

History of the Magic – Featuring witches/witchcraft

Serpent & Dove Shelby Mahurin OR The Near Witch V E Schwab

Muggle Studies – From a muggle perspective/contemporary

Headliners Lucy Parker


Potions – Under 150 pages ✔

No-one Is Too Small To Make A Difference Greta Thunberg


Transfiguration – book/series featuring shapeshifting

Nimona Noelle Stevenson

I am actually reasonably pleased with my progress now as it has been written down but feel like I shouldn’t really expect anything else what with this lockdown and everything. I have already found it has helped with actually sitting down and reading a physical book as opposed to listening to audiobooks as a majority format which was something I was worried about. I have read nearly half of my required reading and already passed 5 exams. I am definitely going for a clean sweep, I would love to pass all my O.W.Ls and manage both my Spell Maker career and the extra credits that are on offer this year. We’ll see though!

How are you getting on?

What subjects have you completed? What did you read?

What career path have you chosen to follow?


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