23 thoughts on “Reading Women Challenge 2020”

  1. I have some GR friends who participate in this challenge. I’ve given myself a break from year-long challenges, for a few years now, but I do try to consciously choose women/POC/POC women, etc. Not so much translated works by women/POC but maybe I will add that in. Actually I just pulled Troll: A Love Story off my shelf which is by a woman (Johanna Sinisalo) and has been translated from Finnish (by a man). This book has been niggling at my mind for a few weeks and I love when I have it already within my grasp! If you can fit Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse into one of your tasks, you should! It was really good!!

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    1. Thanks for the rec, I’ll definitely check it out!
      I think year long reading lists help me when I’m not quite sure what I want to read next. I love discovering new books but don’t actually do so very organically so the prompts help me for sure.
      I used to be guilty of reading predominantly men because of the genres I read, so I consciously trying to right the balance!


    1. Honestly I have flipped in the last 18months, but don’t read a huge variety of women so wanted to change that.
      And thanks! I do like it, simple yet looks alright 😊


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