Strictly Saturdays | Week Ten

Holy Macaroni! It is week 10 my dancing pals! I know what you’re thinking, Blackpool has been, movies has been, Halloween is a distant memory, how can we go on? Well, let me tell you, there is going to be the first Argentine Tango of the series tonight. There is musicals and double dance weeks to work towards, and I think I can speak for the nation when I say we are hoping and praying for another disastrous danceathon, am I right?!

Strictly Saturdays is a weekly review of Strictly Come Dancing. Expect biased reviews, uneducated dancing critique, and sass.

Blackpool is over, which means everyone’s VT will be about how they are so happy to be past the Blackpool stage and still in the competition. I am always ready to be done with Blackpool at this point. I feel like this week will kick up a gear and this is where we really sort the stragglers from the dancers. That said, some of my favourites might be in that bottom rung so I don’t want to wish anything away.

Oh no, oh no, my poor poor eyes, my poor poor ears. What is Bruno doing? I honestly think this is the moment where I lose all faith in him and want him to bugger off once and for all. Like, our main question is why? Why is he doing this? As Emma pointed out, they have professional singers so why are they letting him sing. That was absolutely dreadful, ‘a man of many talents’ huh Tess, singing ain’t one of them is it? IF you’re decided that you want to judge it for yourself you can watch here.

Oh Motsi, what the heck are you going to me, you stunner you. The other judges look like judges, y’know, they all look good, but dang it Motsi you on fire!! OK, Claudia looks great again and she has nailed it once again. Now, right, because I have to point it out, what on earth is Tess wearing this year. This is another one of those Christmas party outfits, and it’s making the camera go all funny and making me feel a little bit sick.

Let’s dance…

Saffron Barker and A J Pritchard | Samba to ‘Walking on Sunshine’ (watch here)

I may not love these right, but that quickstep last week was sensational and I’m glad they didn’t go out on it. I don’t get how she can have such a huge social media following but not be getting the votes, it’s a bit weird. I worry about this with her, not sure it will be her.

This doesn’t look easy, she looks like she is putting so much effort in and it’s not quite right for me. She is so bouncy, like overly bouncy, and bloody hell I didn’t think the spins at the end weren’t brilliant.

Craig: 5 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 26

Liz: 6 | 3 Emma: 6 | 3

Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden | Couple’s Choice Contemporary to ‘Drops of Jupiter’ (watch here)

Oh he makes a cute Ninja turtle. He has always been a performer, such a little cutie. That dance last week was amazing, I’m pleased they’re still going. I am sure this is going to be great and stuff but I am not the hugest fan of contemporary.

Why no shoes though? I worries about their little feetsies with those sparks. That was really good, not the usual slow contemporary I am used to. It was extremely fast and frenetic and I am not quite sure if the timing was right but it was so full and lovely.

Craig: 9 Motsi: 9 Shirley: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 38

Liz: 9 | 7 Emma: 8 | 7

Alex Scott and Neil Jones | Argentine tango to ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ (watch here)

I love Alex and Neil and I really hope that this is really good, but I am not sure that she is going to be quite good enough. Awww I like that they have taken her back to the Emirates and that they have honoured her for an award.

That’s very close to their face there. Urgent that was so frustrating because it was so close to being really good, but it just wasn’t right. I feel like she couldn’t be lifted quite right and it was so tense. It had passion and the choreography was good but it wasn’t right. The innuendo tonight is off the scale. And that, THAT is how you react as a pro to protect your celebrity, well done Neil.

Craig: 4 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 8 Total: 26

Liz: 6 | 6 Emma: 6 | 6

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse | Couple’s Choice Street/Commercial to ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ (watch here)

Awww his wife is so pretty and their story is properly adorable. Oh these two though, so so so cute. Suddenly I am quite pleased he is dancing to a song that means that much to him now. D’aww crying Kelvin, cutie.

OH MY GOD he is living his best life and loving it so much. That was too cute and smiley and charming. I really loved that dance. And the drop in the middle was insane and great. It felt so him and real and natural. And I will now take this moment to say those colours are dreadful together.

Craig: 8 Motsi: 10 Shirley: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 38

Liz: 9 | 10 Emma: 9 | 9

Emma Barton and Anton du Beke | American Smooth to ‘Diamonds’ (watch here)

How much of this VT is going to be about those 10s last week? #toomuch. I may not love these but should they get this right this will be something memorable, as long as they don’t go too hard for the theming.

There was more gapping and more stopping completely dead than I was expecting and honestly it was a little slow, or out of time, or something that wasn’t quite right. It got away from her a little I think. That is a lotta lotta pink.

Craig: 6 Motsi: 8 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 8 Total: 29

Liz: 7 | 5 Emma: 7 | 7

Chris Ramsay and Karen Hauer | Paso Doble to ‘Run Boy Run’ (watch here)

Chris is the most funny and light and smiley guy and this is fiery and mean and moody and I am worried about him in this, but then I think she will bring it out of him. And I love a little bit of Iain Stirling in there too. I hope they nail it.

Awww he really gave that a lot. He had the face and there was definitely the intensity and drama. He looked like he was going to kill her. That was better than I thought it was going to be, and there were sections that I loved, but it wasn’t brilliant unfortunately.

Craig: 8 Motsi: 8 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 7 Total: 

Liz: 8 | 9 Emma:8 | 9


1. Karim and Amy – 38
1= Kelvin and Oti – 38
3. Chris and Karen – 31
4. Emma and Anton – 29
5= Alex and Neil – 26
5= Saffron and AJ – 26

Judges Favourite | Liz’s Favourite | Emma’s Favourite – Kelvin and Oti’s Street/Commercial

I feel like that was a surprising week overall. There were two dances that were far and away the best dances and then there was everyone else. I think Chris did really well and justified his place tonight and I also feel like there were some really disappointing performances. I have given up voting tactically now and I am just voting for my favourites because they need the votes. Until tomorrow night…

…keep dancing!

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