Strictly Saturdays | Week Six Spooktacular

It’s the best week of the Strictly year. I bloody love the Halloween Spooktacular! The dances are bigger, the pros have more to do, the hair and make up is absolutely insane, and everything just sets off and becomes big and bold and everything Strictly ever could or should be. Historically there have been some historically brilliant dances on the Halloween shows of the past, I hope this lives up to expectations.

Strictly Saturdays is a weekly review of Strictly Come Dancing. Expect biased reviews, uneducated dancing critique, and sass.

Well we’re back, and things are certainly different this week. Bruno is back and Alfonso has left the judging panel, and if last year is anything to go by I will miss him immediately and remember how much I don’t actually rate Bruno after you know what it’s like to not have him there, y’know? I tell you who I won’t miss though, David and Nadiya who FINALLY went last week. And there is some big news, Will injured his knee in rehearsals so isn’t able to perform and has a bye to next week, and poor Neil is out injured, as of the warm up, so Kevin is stepping in for him at the very last minute. I think it could be bad and I am so worried.

Anyways, intros and beginnings, well then. Halloween always has a pro dance at the beginning of the dance that includes the celebrities in some way and this year it was based on Night At The Museum. I can’t say that I loved it if I am honest, I didn’t really feel it, but it wasn’t bad. The celebs got into it and they incorporated them well, (AND Dave Arch was in the intro bit…) but overall just not my cup of tea (make you mind up by watching here). A bit like Tess’s look tonight, it wasn’t my bag, however, Claudia’s dress was amazing and was so clever looking like a werewolf or something had slashed it. The judges were lit tonight, Craig rocking the spiders and the eyeliner, Bruno and Shirley rocking the outlandish patterns, and Shirley and Motsi with fire wigs. Motsi was just, well, Motsi, need I say more.

Let’s dance…

Emma Barton and Anton du Beke | Tango to ‘Toccata and Fungue’ (watch here)

Worst intro ever – like I know they are always hammed up and bad and painful to watch during Halloween week, but they just lack chemistry so it makes it even flatter than usual. I’m going off these.

I like the concept but I don’t like the execution, like, at all. It looked like Anton was pushing her around and it was a bit smooth and upright. I have to say that I am a little disappointed as the costumes and song were amazing!

Craig: 5 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 8 Total: 28

Liz: 6 | 5 Emma: 6 | 4

Will Bayley and Janette Manrara | Jive to ‘Casper’ 

INJURY ALERT – Why are we bothering to have their intro video, which is always painful to watch, when they are not even dancing? That said, it’s the best intro vid I’ve seen in a while, until it got Halloweeny. He looks like he is in so much pain. Awwww bless him. Janette looks beautiful, well she always does, and hopefully he’ll be back next week.

Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec | Charleston to ‘A Little Party Never Killed Nobody’ (watch here)

OH MY GOD they’re doing a Cluedo based dance WHHHATTTTTTT yes!! I love this concept and even with all the controversy that they have had with voting this week, I really hope that this is amazing. Dang Aljaz looks good in the shadow light and coat there!

I can’t, like, why has he come as Philip Schofield?! Oh my god its in the library? I feel like that’s as big and bold as she has danced, and that it was good, just not amazing, y’know? I love the library hidden door at the end, epic. I think Craig is right, she’s super balletic.

Craig: 6 Motsi: 8 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 8 Total: 30

Liz: 6 | 5 Emma: 6 | 6

Chris Ramsay and Karen Hauer | Samba to ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’ (watch here)

I love how self deprecating these two are. I just find him, and them, hilarious. She is a brilliant teacher when it is comes to the samba bounce, like really good. I just love these so much.

Erm, did she fall at the beginning? Was that a costume malfunction? Awwwww no! D’you know what, I actually really quite enjoyed that, its what the halloween week was all about. His smile is so infectious, and I am not quite sure what his face is doing during it, but it was fun.

Craig: 5 Motsi: 6 Shirley: 6 Bruno: 6 Total: 23

Liz: 5 | 7 Emma: 5 | 8

Saffron Barker and A J Pritchard | Jive to ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’ (watch here)

Oooo a Sabrina themed dance?! Erm, is she too young to know who Sabrina is? Like proper Sabrina from the 90’s? This sounds so harsh but he is so boring he is bringing her down in these intros. Also though, she has the world of time with her job so should be good. Ewww that cat with those lips!

It was a bit of an odd dance, like the music didn’t seem to fit. She is good, but it just didn’t look quite like it was quite right for whatever reason. I am starting to quite like her, just not him. Haha Motsi, involved with your dance partners, I think we all know what those rumours are saying eh eh ehhh?

Craig: 8 Motsi: 8 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 9 Total: 33

Liz: 7 | 5 Emma: 7 | 5

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones | Tango to ‘What You Waiting For’ (watch here)

Bruno is so OTT, I miss Alfonso. I much prefer these to David and Nadiya, but I am kinda thinking I’m ready for these to leave now. This looks awkward AF, like this intro is painful. Also, a serious Tango as a rabbit, seriously?

OMG I forgot they were dancing to this. I can literally see her counting o the TV. Its very flat and hard, and the frame is pretty good, well for most of it, and that dance section in the middle was on the beat. Shame about the ending, it was crap. OMG Katya’s reaction to that 6 though.

Craig: 6 Motsi: 6 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 26

Liz: 6 | 5 Emma: 6 | 6

Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden | Paso Doble to ‘Smalltown Boy’ (watch here)

I would have said that I was worried about these doing a serious dance, but his Tango was insane so maybe this will be really good. I haven’t seen Stranger Things so I might not get this or love it, but I can deal with a supernatural Paso. I think. Probably shouldn’t have this much intro though. As far as intros go, that was quite funny.

OK, so there was a leap, and shaping, and stuff, but it was not super Paso feeling. I feel like different music/costumes would have elevated it, but it wasn’t for me. That ending made me feel really sick when it spun. Like super sick. Awww Amy clearly blames herself.

Craig: 7 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 8 Total: 29

Liz: 7 | 3 Emma: 7 | 2

Catherine Tyldesley and Johannes Radebe | Cha Cha to ‘Scared of the Dark’ (watch here)

Of course these two are going to dance to a Steps song. Like of course. I like how she is so happy to make a tit of herself, it is quite endearing. Thank God they labelled the witches, no clue who they were.

Oh wow Johannes’s cheekbones are FIRE, as were his tails. That was the only thing on fire though, it just was a bit flat. It didn’t look great and I was pulling a face the whole way through.

Craig: 6 Motsi: 6 Shirley: 5 Bruno: 7 Total: 24

Liz: 4 | 4 Emma: 4 | 5

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice | Foxtrot to ‘The Addam’s Family Theme’ (watch here)

I have never been so excited for a concept dance, in well, a long long time. I just love these, and think this will be phenomenal. If they don’t click it is outrageous. I hope they get the technique and the feeling. I feel like she is channeling Morticia every day, and him as Gomez is weirdly up my street.

OH the look right off is epic. And the feel. Wow that was good, like, really good. I thought technically there while keeping the theme, and they looked amazing, and wow. That was such good choreography. That’s one to remember.

Craig: 9 Motsi: 10 Shirley: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 39

Liz: 10 | 10 Emma: 10 | 10

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse | Tango to ‘Bad Guy’ (watch here)

I bloody love a good tango so I am hoping he fulfils my tango loving heart. I love how much fun they had with that little entrance their, loved it. I love these so much. I love how much he is just going for it. I love his accent saying staccato.

OH HELLO. Wires and see through shirt. I mean it was a bit faffy but once it got going it was a great tango. It had a weird bondage club vibe going on, but I really liked it. It wasn’t 100% technically right, but I really enjoyed it.

Craig: 9 Motsi: 9 Shirley: 9 Bruno: 9 Total: 36

Liz: 8 | 9 Emma: 8 | 8

Alex Scott and Kevin Clifton | Couple’s Choice Street/Commerical to ‘Ghostbusters’ (watch here)

I can’t believe I am going to miss Neil, but Kevin is the best person to have step in at the last minute. I love how much he wants to do well for her! I hope she does well. This theme too, so good, I think it would have really been in their wheelhouse. Why have we gone sad for her intro though? Ahh it was her time to go back to roots right? I have to say, if she teaches him this dance, it will be epic.

OK, he was off time, and just made so many mistakes, but she was shouting and performing and telling him what to do, and I thought it was really good. She seriously delivered there, like was on point, so glad it didn’t affect her. I love how embarrassed he was but how proud he was

Craig: 7 Motsi: 9 Shirley: 9 Bruno: 9 Total: 34

Liz: 8 | 9 Emma: 8 | 8


1. Michelle and Giovanni – 39
2. Kelvin and Oti – 36
3. Alex and Kevin – 34
4. Saffron and AJ – 33
5. Emma and Aljaz – 30
6. Karim and Amy – 29
7. Emma and Anton – 28
8. Mike and Katya – 26
9. Catherine and Johannes – 24
10. Chris and Karen – 23
11. Will and Janette – BYE

Judges Favourite | Liz’s Favourite | Emma’s Favourite 

Michelle and Giovanni’s Foxtrot

Well that was a seriously odd show huh? I mean, there was some great moving and shaking, but there were mistakes and a malfunctions and it was definitely a show of two halves. The first half, I’m sorry, was a bit awful. It was a bit disappointing and riddled with errors, but it set alight a bit in the second half. I thought the Addam’s Family Foxtrot might be one of the best things I have seen on Strictly, like it was danced and themed to perfection. A special note has to go to Alex, because she was seriously impressive there.


I am a little nervous about tonights show because some of my favourites are seriously in danger and I can feel myself worrying a little for them. I bloody love the opening pro dances usually for Halloween but this year this pro dance isn’t lighting me on fire. Dianne and Gio are pretty hot in the middle there but the rest is a little flat and I am just not super about it. Sorry guys. (If you want to make up your own mind and watch it, click here). I do have to say that Adam Lambert is an expert choice for Halloween and even though he didn’t have Strictly dancers with him, he be slaying.

Right, so, I was gutted that Catherine and Johannes were in the bottom two, and I was a little gutted that Mike and Katya were too, but I love others more so it is getting to that point where you kind of think, yeah but it’d rather them than my favourites. Emma predicated things this week though, she said Shirley would pick up on Mike’s technique as we watched it and would save him and sure enough she did. Overall Catherine might have been better through the series but it it supposed to go off that one dance and that dance of Mike’s was better. It shows what happens when it just isn’t your week sadly. Anyway, until next week…

…keep dancing!

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