Strictly Saturdays | Week Five

I realise that I say things every week that sound repetitive but can you believe that we are on Week 5 already? I mean, we’re almost at Halloween week which is the first show to aim for and we’ve already had a shock elimination, and seriously, it’s week 5…whaaaaaaaat?

Strictly Saturdays is a weekly review of Strictly Come Dancing. Expect biased reviews, uneducated dancing critique, and sass.

Sooo…last week was a bit of a shock. I can’t believe Dev and Dianne went, and I think everyone else was too. I am not sure that I think it is a fix or anything but I was completely shocked. I am guilty for not voting for him, but it won’t be the same without him. And Dianne’s reaction, sob! Ooooooo I completely forgot it was Bruno’s week off this week which means Fresh Prince of Bel Air Star and Dancing With The Stars Champion Alfonso Ribeiro is back in his place. We loved him last year and thought he was a welcome addition so I’m pleased he is back in the ballroom judging. I’ve really learnt the power of the vote this week and even though we are pretty good at voting anyway, I am still going to make sure we make the time!

I really like Claudia’s fashion choices this series. They have been really on point and I adore the white and black polka dot dress! I don’t mind the blue velvet pant suit jump suit kinda deal, although I am not sure about the funny front piece. I like Alfonso’s blue number and Craigs velvet suit, but it is all about the laaaaadies. I feel like Shirley’s is a miss this week and that she looks like the gold piece of a candelabra, but daaaaaang Motsi that is a stunning silvery mini dress (I think I am in love with you shhhhh).

Let’s dance…

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse | Cha Cha to ‘Get Stupid’ (watch here)

I think I just don’t like Cha Chas and have realised this year that my issue is with the dance. I kinda love that Aston is there, his troll Cha Cha is legendary! Think you’re Aljaz, bloody love that advice – how sweet.

I cannot wait for the mic bit this week because she is going to be funny to listen to. Shirley is going to lose her shit when she judges! His hips are stupidly going, and I actually felt like he was channeling Aljaz’s facial expressions there. I enjoyed that, great opening, so bright.

Alfonso’s back baby!

Craig: 8 Motsi: 8 Shirley: 8 Alfonso: 9 Total: 33

Liz: 8 | 9 Emma: 8 | 10

David James and Nadiya Bychkova | Jive to ‘Such a Night’ (watch here)

I really hope that we get last week’s David again because it was a huge change. This is a fast dance again, so maybe it will be good, but I am seriously worried. What is going on with his hair though? Also…I’ve heard rumours about these guys….Strictly Curse and all that!

Oh he’s trying to act, but he isn’t moving enough for a jive and it looks like it has gone wrong a couple of different times, like did he forget it in the middle? He looked like he enjoyed it. I bloody love Alfonso’s judging because it is random but it kinda makes sense.

Craig: 3 Motsi: 4 Shirley: 4 Alfonso: 5 Total: 16

Liz: 3 | 2 Emma: 4 | 3

Catherine Tyldesley and Johannes Radebe | Tango to ‘Little Bird’ (watch here)

I just love these two so much, seriously, like really love it. I think this could be really good, I have high hopes. I love him, Oh my God I want to dance with him so much. They are very nice though, so I am not sure how it will look, but I do actually think maybe yaaaaaas fieeeeeerce. WTF is that hat though Johannes? I love a tango!

I really quite liked that but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I loved the look and the feel but it felt a little bit smooth and lacking a lot of snap. It did have a great head movement and a fierceness though.

Craig: 6 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Alfonso: 8 Total: 28

Liz: 7 | 7 Emma: 7 | 6

Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden | Salsa to ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ (watch here)

Oh I loved their dance last week, I have watched it so many times this week. It’s nice to see them looking less ill as well. I think this could be epic, although I am surprised he is able to lift anyone. Oh my God there is a puppet dog in this bit, that will get the kids voting. That was weird.

I loved that, like really loved it, but by God he couldn’t lift her there. I am not quite sure what I watched, but it was fiery and fun and all kinds of disco salsa fun. I think Motsi liked that! Loved it. Oh and Motsi yaaaaas.

Craig: 8 Motsi: 10 Shirley: 9 Alfonso 9 Total: 36

Liz: 9 | 10 Emma: 9 | 9

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice | Rumba to ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’ (watch here)

I really love her, but I don’t want to see her with an enthusiastic toyboy like Gio doing a rumba, because there is no way that she won’t sex it up and go for it. Gosh her daughter’s are stunning and look so like her. I love that they all think that Dad will cry.

That camera angle was a bit close. This is making me feel very uncomfortable just as I feared. I will never voluntarily watch this again. I don’t think its her best dance, it doesn’t feel natural, but very over performed.

Craig: 7 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Alfonso: 8 Total: 29

Liz: 6 | 2 Emma: 5 | 3

Emma Barton and Anton du Beke | Paso Doble to ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ (watch here)

Oh no! They’ve missed days of training? I fear it will be a bit lacking because it it. I am not sure that I think this will be their dance, I feel like they’re too fun and nice for a hard Paso.

What a dramatic a opening, I loved the first bit but it dropped a little bit. I feel like it’s danced in chunks and is a bit unpolished, and I felt like he didn’t have control quite over what she was doing. Not having the hours isn’t really an excuse though guys…

Craig: 5 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Alfonso: 7 Total: 26

Liz: 5 | 5 Emma: 5 | 5

Alex Scott and Neil Jones | Charleston to ‘Pump Up The Jam’ (watch here)

I think this is going to be their dance. He is so much fun and I think they really bounce off each other and this will be the perfect dance and song for them. I love that she is going to be herself and just dance as them, they’re so goofy that this could be the perfect dance at the perfect time for them. As a fellow ginger, Neil – how do you pull off yellow?

LOOK AT THEM THOUGH. I LOVED THAT wow that was such a huge improvement and unexpected version of the song, and that was epically brilliantly improved. That was sensationally good and had flow and jazzy dancing and a great look. WOW, she didn’t half let loose.

Craig: 8 Motsi: 8 Shirley: 8 Alfonso: 9 Total: 33

Liz: 9.5 | 10 Emma: 9 | 10

Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec | Viennese waltz to ‘Saving All My Love For You’ (watch here)

These are a stunning pair and there is something about a white dress spinning in pivots. I really think this could be absolutely stunning, they are a beautiful pair, and this is a great song and a stunning dance. I feel like this is made for them. I really hope they’re not in the dance off this week. LEFT.

Oh they are too cute, and adorable. She is so elegant, and there is meting about Aljaz in ballroom. And her smile was lighting up those ceiling hankies, she looked like she was having the best time ever. I love a good pivot! Aljaz is so cute and enthusiastic. Awww she’s even a pretty crier.

Craig: 9 Motsi: 9 Shirley: 9 Alfonso: 9 Total: 36

Liz: 9 | 8 Emma: 8 | 8

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones | Samba to ‘Apache (Jump On It)’ (watch here)

Oh my gosh he is going to give this some welly. I really love this pair, they give it so much and I think this will be so much, probably a bit awkward, and just like he is having so much fun. That, or it will be too weird but he will give it a go anyway. Alfonso will love this.

Let’s stop a second to appreciate how amazing his weight loss is and how great he looks.

The choreography is very strange and this is bad, they’re the worst stab rolls ever, and what is weird is when he does it he is good there just isn’t enough. That was, erm, interesting.

I knew Alfonso would end up out of his chair, and I am about it because it am forgetting the dance which is great.

Craig: 3 Motsi: 6 Shirley: 5 Alfonso: 7 Total: 21

Liz: 3 | 7 Emma: 4 | 7

Will Bayley and Janette Manrara | Couple’s Choice Contemporary to ‘7 Years’ (watch here)

These have been my surprise of the year and as much as I hate contemporary I really hope that these make me feel and connect. I feel like these could tell a story and that this could be inspiring. It was an emotional piece to start, and it just made me so much more impressed and proud of him. I love how into it he is, and how amazing he is I love them.

Oh no, no shoes. But I never thought a contemporary dance on this show would make me connect and feel. That was so good, and connected and really good. And the lifts, although I did giggle when he moved her dress from his face. The judges are going to go here. Oh Motsi and Will, oh my little heart <3!

Craig: 7 Motsi: 8 Shirley: 8 Alfonso: 9 Total: 32

Liz: 7 | 8 Emma: 7 | 8

Chris Ramsay and Karen Hauer | Quickstep to ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (watch here)

I love a quickstep, I really do, but I am a little worried about these two. I just love these so much, and I want them to stay forever, so I hope this goes well. I love watching his wife and family and him on this show and Instagram, and I just hope he can keep up. They’re just so funny, like I know he is a comedian but they’re both so hilarious.

They are some tight pants. I love how much he looks like he is liking it. What’s his face doing other than enjoying life so much. I love their outfits, they’re moving, he knows where the camera is and is loving it. Brave to dance on the judges table, but I liked it, her kept up with her and moved around the floor well.

Craig: 5 Motsi: 6 Shirley: 7 Alfonso: 7 Total: 25

Liz: 6 | 8 Emma: 6 | 8

Saffron Barker and A J Pritchard | Foxtrot to ‘Theme from New York, New York’ (watch here)

These are still so, I don’t want to say fake, but just bland. They aren’t even bad, and I think I would trust them with props and stuff even if he doesn’t, it’s just I don’t feel connected to them at all. I hope this changes things, but I’m not holding my breath. I think it will be good, but I still won’t love them. I hope I’m wrong.

That was quite good, like actually that was seriously good. And she caught the cane and the dress, very good. This sounds so harsh, but you could blur him out and I wouldn’t care, he is just flat and bland, which is a shame because I felt a bit of a connection with her there on a great dance.

Craig: 9 Motsi: 10 Shirley: 9 Alfonso: 10 Total: 38

Liz: 9 | 8 Emma: 9 | 10


1. Saffron and AJ – 38
2= Karim and Amy – 36
2= Emma and Aljaz – 36
4= Kelvin and Oti – 33
4= Alex and Neil – 33
6. Will and Janette – 32
7. Michelle and Giovanni – 29
8. Catherine and Johannes – 28
9. Emma and Anton – 26
10. Chris and Karen – 25
11. Mike and Katya – 21
12. David and Nadiya – 16

Judges Favourite – Saffron and AJ’s Foxtrot

Liz’s Favourite – Neil and Alex’s Charleston

Emma’s Favourite Can’t choose between Saffron and AJ’s Foxtrot and Neil and Alex’s Charleston

Well, once again, there was some serious moving and shaking there and I feel like we’re starting to separate the rubbish from the really good and that is perfect for Halloween, which is kinda coming up. My favourites came out of their shell and really did well and there were some stellar performances tonight, and yet more 10’s! Alfonso was great again and it’s amazing how much calmer and more consistent the show feels when Bruno isn’t there (I don’t actually want to say that I prefer it when he isn’t there but…) For the first time we had slightly differing favourite dances, and all round I thought that was a belting show. I have heard rumours that there will be a full length same sex dance between Johannes and Graziano tomorrow and I am living for it, so until then…

…keep dancing!

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