Strictly Saturdays | Week Three @ The Movies

Strictly Come Dancing is heading to the movies!! I absolutely love movies week. Each year, we see some hilarious, some brilliant, some genius, and some dreadful dances to iconic songs from Hollywood hits, and it always makes for an entertaining evening. It’s the week when some of the dances lose themselves in their dancing personas and come out of their shell. It’s the week that brings a special dance, and often a dance disaster. It always means extra themed pro dances (yay), and everyone has a great time.

Strictly Saturdays is a weekly review of Strictly Come Dancing. Expect biased reviews, uneducated dancing critique, and sass.

I know, I know, I said I would be better at posting and then completely missed Week 2. I didn’t just forget, or miss it out, I was in London having a lovely catch up with University friends and knew that I wouldn’t be able to watch live! It was an amazing weekend, and I have since watched the Week 2 show, but I didn’t end up posting. Week 2 saw the first ‘dancer’ depart from this year’s show, and I think we can all agree that James Cracknell was one of the worst celebrities to ever go on the show so it was probably best that he departed first. Wow that sounded harsh, but it’s true!

I LOVE that they can now do Disney themed dances at the beginning because it makes the opening pro number so much more entertaining,. That said the graphic department has fun but kinda ruined it, I like it when it is just pure dancing! I loved that they mixed some amazing films like Toy Story and Up and just thought it was exciting, but could have been more dance heavy! You can watch it yourself here.

Can we stop and discuss Tess’ dress. I actually really like it, the pastel colours the shaping, the flowy nature, but it’s weird to see her in something like that!! I like the pattern and the dress bit of Claudia’s dress, but I am not sure about the shoulder bow puffy bit. OK, I live for the judges getting announced nowadays. Bruno was so extra and the Gorka opening for Shirley was perfect. Craig’s entrance was hilarious, but it is all about Motsi, who looks stunning in a bright amazing tiara topped beauty and I love her so much.

Let’s dance…

Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice | Quickstep to ‘Cabaret’ from ‘Cabaret’ (watch here)

Yes yes yes I am about this. This is literally the best character for her, she is definitely the best person to give this a go. She is going to live this role. I think this is going to be one hell of an opening to the show. Also, erm, why is Giovanni hotter with the make up on?

OK, I really liked it. The feeling was there, the character was there, and the dancing was great – when she did it. I think it was a great dance but for me there wasn’t quite enough in it for me. That said, it was good, like properly good.

Craig: 8 Motsi: 9 Shirley: 9 Bruno: 9 Total: 35

Liz: 5 | 7 Emma: 7 | 8

Alex Scott and Neil Jones | Rumba to ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from ‘Moana’ (watch here)

I’m not going to lie, I was really hoping the niece was going to be younger, but it was nice to see clips of the film in their segment. I think she is going to look amazing as Moana too which is a nice bonus.

That wasn’t as bad as some rumbas, because it wasn’t as inappropriately sexy as most rumbas, but it was still faffy and pointless. There was a bit of contemporary in there. I’m glad their rumba is out of the way early and in a themed week. I love Neil, but why did he use her as a mop halfway through?

Craig: 5 Motsi : 6 Shirley: 6 Bruno: 6 Total: 23

Liz: 4 | 7 Emma: 5 | 6

Chris Ramsay and Karen Hauer | American Smooth to ‘Cheek to Cheek’ from ‘Top Hat’ (watch here)

I really like these. They get on so well and he is so dorky, I just love them. I am not sure how they are going to pull off smooth and graceful, I think their funny dances will be better, but I am hopeful.

He is really funny and amusing and enjoying it a lot when he is out of hold. There were faults, yes, but there is a sparkle and a twinkle that is really great. I liked the connecting bits especially, and he looked like he loved it.

Craig: 4 Motsi: 6 Shirley: 6 Bruno: 6 Total: 22

Liz: 5 | 8  Emma: 6 | 8

Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden | Samba to ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ from ‘King Fu Panda’ (watch here)

These are good, we know that, but this is going to probably be epic. You know it will have hilarious moments and great costumes, but he as a kids presenter so he will have the energy and huge energy. I love him and Amy, she is so funny with him.

Oh wow they look so cute and wowee that boy can dance. He had the bounce and the tricks and flicks, and he absolutely lived the character. It flowed into each movement as well, which is good, couldn’t see the joints. He is so adorable, these are so cute together.

Craig: 6 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 6 Bruno: 7 Total: 26

Liz: 7 | 8 Emma: 7 | 8

Catherine Tyldesley and Johannes Radebe | Rumba to ‘Shallow’ from ‘A Star is Born’ (watch here)

I think this might be her week, what with the acting and the rumba and the dancing. Oh my gosh her little boy is so adorable, so cute, and her and her husband looked so proud of her.

OK, so I ma sure it was good and connected and whatever, but I just don’t like them. It doesn’t matter who it is, I just don’t like them. She did it well, I can tell that, but I didn’t love it. I think the feeling was definitely there. Oh Johannes, I love you, you little cutie.

Craig: 8 Motsi: 8 Shirley: 8 Bruno: 8 Total: 32

Liz: 6 | 5 Emma: 9 | 6

Will Bayley and Janette Manrara | Paso Doble to ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ from ‘Pokémon’ (watch here)

I have been desperate for Janette to dress as Pikachu since I saw this song announcement and I am so pleased to see her outfit. I think this could be good, because it looks like he is getting into it and he gets the shapes. I love that he makes the little noises, that’s adorable.

It had the passion, the aggression, and even some of the shaping. His face was so powerful, and he just got into that so much. It was strong and intent and it was everything I wanted it to be. I loved it, it was so funny and great, and his singing along as well.

Craig: 6 Motsi: 6 Shirley: 5 Bruno: 6 Total: 23

Liz: 5 | 9 Emma: 5 | 8

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse | Charleston to ‘Trip A Little Light Fantastic’ from ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ (watch here)

HOW DARE THEY? HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME? His little kiddies and him teaching her to dance was insanely cute and adorable and I am going to need that video in my life. I think he could kill this, like absolutely kill it.

That. Was. Epic. It had energy and fun and content and lifts and it was so so so good. Like, it was epically good. I absolutely loved it, I know I will be re-watching that over and over again. That might genuinely be one of my favourite dances.

Craig: 9 Motsi: 9 Shirley: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 38

Liz: 9 | 10 Emma: 8 | 10

Emma Weymouth and Aljaz Skorjanec | Foxtrot to ‘Downton Abbey’ from ‘Downton Abbey’ (watch here)

I really like these, I didn’t know anything about her and she has really been a breath of fresh air. And I can’t believe they got Mrs. Hughes in as well, very adorable.

That was so sweet and sensitive and soft. The timing and the slowness and the beauty of it was so amazing and I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t perfect, you could see that, but it was so pretty and hopeful and she looked like she was having the best time ever

Craig: 7 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 28

Liz: 6 | 8 Emma: 8 | 8

Anneka Rice and Kevin Clifton | Charleston to ‘Woohoo’ from ‘Kill Bill’ (watch here)

I can’t lie, I am worried about this. I feel like this could go so so wrong and I am not sure that there should really be props introduced into their dances! Has Kev introduced Kendo fighting into their dance so he can get a free Kendo sword fighting lesson on the Strictly budget?

Its so fast, and slow and little and awful and not good enough. I think she forgot the end and I think you could really see the difference between her and Kevin. He had so much energy and really tried and it was great choreography, but that was bad. She looked good at least. And Kev is such a dork.

Craig: 2 Motsi: 3 Shirley: 3 Bruno: 3 Total: 11

Liz: 1 | 3 Emma: 1 | 3

Saffron Barker and A J Pritchard | Paso Doble to ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ from ‘The Hunger Games’ (watch here)

I know the rumours and the fire that is apparently there and I still don’t really love them, he is so so so flat. I just don’t always believe what he is saying. That said, I think this could be amazing, this song and this movie and this dance should be a good combo and he loves this dance a lot so he should be able to choreograph it well.

I am gutted that was by them because that choreography and the song was so atmospheric. It was seriously good. There was a few balance issues, but I really liked it, and I liked the film references. It was intense and had a really tension.

Craig: 7 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 28

Liz: 7 | 9  Emma: 8 | 10

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones | Cha Cha to ‘It’s Raining Men’ from ‘Magic Mike’ (watch here)

I literally cannot wait for this, He is so into this show and I think he will give it so much and love doing it as well. I am not sure it will be epic but he will give this so much and throw himself into it.

Oh my God that went so wrong, what happened? Did she fall over? And what was the dance jump thing he did at the end just looked a bit weird? I loved that he went for it, and the stripper pants and the dodgy Magic Mike dancing was too funny.

Craig: 3 Motsi: 5 Shirley: 5 Bruno: 5 Total: 18

Liz: 4 | 10 Emma: 3 | 9

David James and Nadiya Bychkova | American Smooth to ‘Kiss From A Rose’ from ‘Batman Forever’ (watch here)

These are bland and flat and pretty rubbish and I just can’t imagine him doing a smooth dance to a romantic song. I mean, it’s going to be bad, right? I just don’t like these at all. It might be worth it to watch the Batmobile go over speed bumps though.

He is flying, This is sure to be rubbish. The opening was alright and then it went down hill into boredom inducing fast! It was a little smoother than I was expecting but it wasn’t that good still.

Craig: 4 Motsi: 4 Shirley: 4 Bruno: 4 Total: 16

Liz: 2 | 2 Emma: 2 | 1

Emma Barton and Anton du Beke | Salsa to ‘Soul Bossa Nova’ from ‘Austin Powers’ (watch here)

I thought he would shy away from doing jokey things with someone who could dance but apparently not. I don’t know if I want to see Anton Salsa properly though. I quite like them though, they go well together and really get on.

I don’t like Austin Powers so I didn’t love bits, but the feeling was there and it suited her well. She had the character and the stylised bits, but the hips were a little lacking for me. It was well done. She looked stunning as well.

I have to write on what the hell happened with the judges because it was too funny. Tess completely lost it, and that was hilarious, and I have never seen Craig cry laughing and

Craig: 6 Motsi: 7 Shirley: 7 Bruno: 7 Total: 27

Liz: 6 | 7 Emma: 7 | 7

Dev Griffin and Dianne Buswell | Couple’s Choice Street and Commercial to ‘Friend Like Me’ from ‘Aladdin’ (watch here)

I think this will be amazing, I think he will dance to this and in this style so well. I think this could be the real opening for him and could be the dance where he comes to life. We know about the lift and the drop, so I am worried about it, like, really worried, I don’t want him to freeze or panic because of it.

That was really good. it was spunky and weird and wonderful and I loved. It was funny and full of content, and I absolutely loved it. It was a great end to the show and I am pleased he didn’t let the mishap ruin it.

Craig: 9 Motsi: 9 Shirley: 9 Bruno: 9  Total: 36

Liz: 9 | 9 Emma: 9 | 9


1. Kelvin and Oti – 38
2. Dev and Dianne – 36
3. Michelle and Giovanni – 35
4. Catherina and Johannes – 32
5= Emma and Aljaz – 28
5= Saffron and AJ – 28
7. Emma and Anton – 27
8. Karim and Amy – 26
9= Alex and Neil – 23
9= Will and Janette – 23
11. Chris and Karen – 22
12. Mike and Katya – 18
13. David and Nadiya – 16
14. Anneka and Kevin – 11

Judges Favourite | Liz’s Favourite | Emma’s Favourite 

Kelvin and Oti’s Charleston

That was a jam packed brilliant movie spectacular. I can’t believe we saw the first 10’s of this year’s series. I mean the dance was insanely good and that is why but even so, week 3 10’s huh! There are some seriously special dancers this year and I think it’s going to be super competitive which is amazing. I really love that my favourites are also really good too, makes it a little easier to watch.


The best thing about the results show is usually a toss up between the pre-dance and the musical performance, and for Movies week both were smacked out of the park. The pros opened with a number featuring iconic dance scenes and movie moments and was nothing short of a movie masterpiece. I liked that they incorporated famous movie moments and not just dance pieces, and overall it was a pretty great opening to the results show. Want to check it out for yourself? Click here. The musical performance was also a classic, with Harry Connick Jr. bringing some Hollywood glamour to the ballroom. I love it when the dance to the song is a proper ballroom one too, so it was nice to see Anton get a musical run out! Want to watch? Click here.

The best moment about the show was undoubtedly Chris’s faces when they were announcing the couples that were safe, and it almost made up for the shocking dance off that ensued. I wasn’t disappointed that David and Nadiya, and Anneka and Kevin were in the bottom two – the only downside being they both needed to dance again. I like Kevin, but Anneka was awful so I can’t say I am surprised that they have left!

Until next week…

…keep dancing!

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