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Les Misérables Readalong | Week Four: Saint Denis

Welcome back to Miserable Monday! For those who don’t know, my friend Emma @ The Terror of Knowing and I are hosting #MiserablesMay, a Les Miserables readalong that is taking place throughout the month of May. We announced it last month, and I wasn’t 100% sure I thought it was a good idea to tackle such a long book that I didn’t have much interest in reading. Good news though, I am completely up to date, and have read and reviewed Volume I here, Volume II here, and and Volume III here!

This weeks was a little bit up and downI absolute devoured the first 100 pages of this weeks volume in one go. I literally couldn’t put the book down. This came as a bit of a shock in comparison to the three weeks before, and unfortunately did disappear late in the volume. I finished on time though!

Now, a small disclaimer before I start: Emma is the English student and the more academically minded reviewer out of the pair of us. It’s great, she writes incredible reviews that mix knowledge and academia with humour and gifs, and is the place to go for the more in depth reviews/updates. Mine are going to be a little shorter, and probably lacking an seriousness at all, so strap in!

Things I learnt from Les Miserables: Volume III

  • “A few pages of history” is NEVER just a few pages
  • Badly sewed is not an great, inviting chapter title in any book.
  • Don’t put any form of essay or dissertation in the middle of your novel.
  • Don’t do it multiple times.
  • Grantaire will literally do anything for Enjolras, unless he is sober. He is never sober.
  • Marius “That booby of a lawyer” Pontmercy.

  • Valjean is 60 going on 50. Lesson for all you anti-wrinklers out there: being on the run and adopting a whore’s kiddie winkle is good for the skin. One could say the elixir of youth.
  • Homely rather than pretty is that definition of a back handed compliment that is 1000% an insult. Cosette be laughing now though because she be hot.

  • D’you know what though, shadows can be scary though, fair play.
  • Marius, that is erm, that’s an essay not a love letter bruv.
  • Who thought Gavroche the Gamin would be quite the little nanny? Who thought he would live in an elephant? Who thought he would be saving his Dad? Who thought he would be popping off the rhymes and the couplets?
  • Is anyone kinda surprised that the Thernadiers didn’t start popping sprogs all over the shop to sell to rich people? And I thought they were enterprising.
  • I kinda see Montparnasse as Dodger from Oliver Twist. But, like, Dandy. He is The Dandy Dodger.
  • Slang is well whack, innit.

  • Marius and Cosette are those friends who are really nice people and do lots of things and then they get together and are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
  • 32 teeth. Check. Good digestion. Check. Fit as a fiddle. Hmmm.
  • If you are an author called Victor then you can be very blasé about cholera.
  • Gavroche is one of those guys who is always going to want a bigger gun.
  • Since when have bearded women with moles on their noses been anything other than WITCHES? Don’t be trusting her you guys.
  • Grantaire be liking the booze. I can’t fault his logic though because booze is better than a hearse.

  • You literally can throw any old shit on this barricade and people will be down with it.
  • If you’re a rich white boy in love then you can sashay late into the partay and threaten to go boom boom and everything will be OK again.
  • Marius look at Eponine. Eponine is bleeding. Eponine has bullet holes in her, “Oh hey Eponine, wuu2?” “I’m dying” UH MEN.

  • Javert is all crappy spy and savage Enjolras is all like YOU DEADED.

So…we’re heading into the final volume and the final week. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe May is nearly over and I can’t believe that I have read 4/5 of this monster book. I am pretty pleased with myself. Now, just to finish it…

Are you taking part?

Where are you up to? What are your thoughts so far?

Don’t forget post on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #MiserablesMay!

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