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Les Misérables Readalong | Week Three: Marius

Welcome back to Miserable Monday! For those who don’t know, my friend Emma @ The Terror of Knowing and I are hosting #MiserablesMay, a Les Miserables readalong that is taking place throughout the month of May. We announced it last month, and I wasn’t 100% sure I thought it was a good idea to tackle such a long book that I didn’t have much interest in reading, but I am happy to report that I finished and reviewed (I mean if you can call it that) Volume I  two weeks ago, and read and reviewed Volume II last week, and I read literally the whole of Volume III in a day to get up to date!

I have to say that I wasn’t as impressed by whole sections of this volume and haven’t got as many thoughts and feelings on it as I had in previous weeks. It started so blandly that even the strong volume end wasn’t enough to stop it being my least favourite volume so far.

Now, a small disclaimer before I start: Emma is the English student and the more academically minded reviewer out of the pair of us. It’s great, she writes incredible reviews that mix knowledge and academia with humour and gifs, and is the place to go for the more in depth reviews/updates. Mine are going to be a little shorter, and probably lacking an seriousness at all, so strap in!

Things I learnt from Les Miserables: Volume III

  • My opinions on the street urchin Gavroche were spot on from the musical. He is a little shit.
  • Two wives and he was gay. Happy or over compensating…hmmmm?!
  • Ahhhh I see what you’re doing! If you call them ALL Nicolette then you never forget any of their names, that’s actually quite genius.
  • OK, this explanation of time from Victor suddenly makes me understand why this book is so loooooong – one quarter of an hour starts in 1814 and ends in 1820. Like no Vic, no.
  • Marius and his Dad is all woe is me, I hate you, I love you, go away, come back

  • Right, OK, we stop this normal broadcast to say WTF IS GOING ON THOUGH? I am lost.
  • Sooo…puns written in French don’t translate to English, who’d’a thunk it eh? I’ve literally had the ABC pun explained and I am still like huh?!
  • OK, book Enjolras sounds hot.
  • I feel you Grantaire, if you can’t have Enjolras, then have the booze.

  • Ooooo I like this Friends of ABC Top Trumps section.
  • I love how Marius is happier poor. Hey Marius…can we go thrift shopping.

  • Oh OK, I see you, I see you make poor Marius hot. I am down with this development because he has been a wet fish.
  • Don’t creep around in a courtyard waiting for people and then wonder why they disappear when you ask after them. It doesn’t matter that you’re wearing a snazzy coat, it creepy.
  • That said, one must have a snazzy stalking coat, them be the rules.

  • Oooo I do love a good criminal underworld. I hope this is a big development.
  • Thernadier is just too extra. He always has to be the best, or the worst, or the biggest, or the smallest, or the most. Chill your beans, have a nap, get over yourself.
  • OOOO fight! Nothing like a brute/ruffian scrap to liven things up a bit.

  • Javert is all sass and pizzazz. “Would you like my hat?” I DIE.
  • I kind of see Javert fighting like an old, slightly overweight but otherwise equally enthusiastic Puss in Boots.

So, there we have it, another week and another nonsensical ramble. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed what you’ve read of the book. I would love to hear from you, to see how you’re doing. I am glad that Volume III picked up towards the end because I was really starting to think I had made a big mistake committing to reading this whole book! See you next week!

Are you taking part?

Where are you up to? What are your thoughts so far?

Don’t forget post on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #MiserablesMay!

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