Adulting: KonMari and Kitchens

Anyone who knows me, or follows me on social media, or reads this blog, will probably know that I am not the most tidy of people. I have tried to employ different methods over the years, but nothing sticks and nothing actually helps me get past the surface mess and actually make enough storage space and room for the things that I actually want to keep, store, show off. My room and the space I live in has slowly been irritating me, which coincided with discovering the Netflix show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ and my outlook on it all has changed.

I’ve reached that stage in my adult life where my relationship with the space I live in is changing. When I first moved into the house I live in now, I was so excited to move in to a painted, carpeted, fully fledged house of my own that I didn’t mind taking in all the old furniture family and friends had to spare. 3 years on and I am starting to notice things I would like to do and change to the house, things I need to sort and to decorate, and updates I would like to make.

The first steps in doing the house is definitely sorting it out and thoroughly tidying up. Part of that is to see what we have in terms of stuff and get rid of things we no longer need or want, and part of that is to see how much space we have in the house to do things we would like to do in terms of decorating and changes. I avoid spending time in my room when it is messy as much as possible. I know one answer is just tidy it, but before I couldn’t see that the amount of mess was probably linked to the amount of stress I felt about the house. I have kept it much tidier over the past few weeks, and I am now at the point where I am sorting and tidying the room as a whole. Cue: the KonMari Method.

Marie Kondo is a Japanese tidying up expert, organising consultant,  author, and an all round adorable and helpful lady. Her KonMari method is infused with Shinto religious principles and focuses on what ‘Sparks Joy’. Instead of focusing on things you don’t need and want to throw away, you focus on things you like, and want, and make you feel happy. I am not someone who buys into the spiritual side of things, I don’t thank everything I get rid of and I certainly don’t wake up my books or have time with the space in my room, but I definitely think focusing on things that you like and want and need and that makes you happier creates a happier and healthier living environment and somewhere that you ultimately will enjoy living in much more.

So I’ve started to actively follow her methodology (minus the thanking and  the meditation). I watched a few episodes of ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’, watched some YouTube tutorials on her folding methods, and I am on a mission to make the space I live in more joyous and organised. I’m not even joking, or over exaggerating, or being a tiny bit sarcastic, I really like this method, and have so far managed to get rid of a lot of stuff out of my room that is either surplus to requirements, things that don’t bring me joy, or stuff that other people would find more useful. It’s not been easy, there were some hard decisions in there, and there was a definite feeling of letting go of some things that I was keeping hold of for sentimental reasons, reasons that have lessened over time.

It has also allowed me to better organise the things that I do have into storage space that I now have free, or a better idea of using. I have a wardrobe, shelving unit, and drawers that are capable of housing the clothes that I had prior to sorting through them. Now as I have got rid of a decent section of my older, more tatty, or ill fitting clothes, I have reduced the amount of storage required and can fit everything into the wardrobe and drawers alone. This does mean, however, that I needed to learn to fold my clothes in a new way, and watching the method Marie Kondo uses has helped use the storage better and actually see all of the clothes that I own. I will hold my hands up and say this process is not quite complete, but it is already freeing up significant space in my room to re-jig furniture around and out of my bedroom, thus making the space feel less cluttered and more relaxing.

It’s also forcing me to go through papers and trinkets I have collected over the years too. I have a habit of holding onto bits and bobs whilst travelling, maps and tickets and postcards, and then never actually doing anything with them. I purchased proper under bed storage boxes with the view to sorting and storing what I want to keep, and hope to finally get around to using the scrap book I bought years ago to house some of this stuff in a better, more interesting way. It will also make me realise what is hiding in bags and boxes around the house and make me sort the important documents that are mixed in with these more sentimental things.

How does this change the way I look at the house? Well, I have been looking around and noticing things I don’t like anymore for a while. There are areas that still sit as they were when they moved in, with old furniture I had acquired. They don’t need decorating, or significantly changing, but they definitely need sorting so that they become more my/our own. The dining room sits largely untouched in it’s current state, and is more of a dumping room than a useable space, so sorting this, moving an extra piece of storage in there will create more useable storage, and display space for items bought on my travels. It also repurposes furniture no longer required in my bedroom and puts it to better use elsewhere in the house.

The start of this drive to organise the house was actually because of our kitchen. I love spending time in the kitchen. I really enjoy cooking and I find sitting at the table in the kitchen while food is bubbling away on the hob is a particularly therapeutic and productive atmosphere for me. Our kitchen is almost as it was when we bought the house (we painted a wall and inherited a butcher’s block) and is quite small. There are only two of us, so small hasn’t been a massive issue, but as we start to think about making the house our own, re-doing the kitchen has become a major focus.

The issue? It costs money and most likely means we would need to knock some walls through to make the pantry and outhouse part of the kitchen space to expand and make use of the rooms that don’t really work for us in their current form. It is also a big undertaking, and is a big adult decision we didn’t want to make before we knew that we were happy with the rest of the house and actually wanted to commit to staying there for long enough to make it worthwhile. Tidying, organising, and personalising what we have there beyond what we did when we initially moved in.


8 thoughts on “Adulting: KonMari and Kitchens”

  1. Go you! That’s awesome! I’ve definitely got to get some more stuff in my house organized but the viewable to guests spaces are pretty neat and tidy. We just bought a bunch of new furniture and so gave the living room and dining room facelifts. And my library is so organized now that I have enough bookshelves and there are now no more piles of books on the floor. lol.

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    1. The living room, kitchen and bathroom that people see are usually fine (well the kitchen isn’t suitable for what we want or need but what is there now usually looks OK), it’s more in the cupboards, under the beds, in the drawers, and in the rooms where we shove things and close the doors where the problems were coming. I feel 1000% better already and I am not nearly done yet!!


  2. Yeeeees well done! I love the Marie Kondo method! I haven’t got round to storing all my clothes sideways (if you know what I mean) but I’ve definitely chucked a lot of stuff out. Stil more to go but it’s a start.

    We also used to have a small kitchen and knocked through the outside toilet and coal shed to create a bigger space. If you do it, be prepared for a huge amount of dust (it gets literally everywhere) and having weeks of only being able to cook with a microwave and kettle. We basically moved into my Mums house for the entire duration!

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    1. I am sceptical about some of the spiritual aspects but it has worked wonders for me so far. I’ve got rid of so much stuff and I am definitely starting to feel a little more organised.
      I have to give it to her. Storing my clothes sideways is revolutionary and I don’t remember life without it!

      Yeah we need to think it through. We’re taking the next step and getting quotes now, it’s all scary!!
      Luckily my Mum and Dad live less than 10mins away so we’ll be able to use theirs if we need to. I think I’m going to batch cook things that can be quickly microwaved as well

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      1. I’m sceptical about the spiritual stuff too but I love it nevertheless. I’ll have to try the sideways storage thing. The bottom of my wardrobe is a total dumping ground so if I make space in my drawers I’ll be able to clear that out too. Yay! 😊

        You’re so organised, I was like “Supernoodle Surprise for dinner again!” (hence why we went back to my mums). It is scary and it’s a lot of work to redecorate afterwards but I pretty much live in my kitchen now so it’s worked out really well for us. Plus it’ll add more in value to your property than the cost of the work 😊

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      2. It totally works because you can see everything so much more clearly, and you end up using the space more efficiently!!
        I don’t feel super organised at the moment, but there we go. I know we’ll prefer the house if we get it done, it’s just committing to it and getting it all done!

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  3. I just tried sorting my clothes using this method! Personally, I can’t bring myself to do the books for both practical and sentimental reasons – I just uploaded a post on my experience so far if you’re interested!


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