Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all having a delightfully festive day, that Santa has brought you everything you wanted and everything you didn’t know you wanted, and that you’re enjoying spending time with the important people in your life. As it’s Christmas Day, I thought I’d share a few bits from our Christmassy celebrations, and by ours, I mean Christmas at my Mum and Dad’s.

Christmas Tree(s)

In our house, a dilemma as old as time has been debated. Do you have a fake tree? Do you get a real one? The answer? Get both! So every year my Dad goes as early as possible to the garden centre and buys the biggest real tree that will fit in the tree shaped gap in the front living room, and my Mum puts her artificial one in the bay window in the dining room. She has recently got a new one, but the old one was too nice to throw away and since they have had a conservatory/living room conversion the old tree now sits proudly in there. That’s 3 trees. They’re awesome and pretty and well decorated, but that is not all folks. Outside there is a fourth tree, that has lights and red baubles and sits proudly in the front garden!

Christmas Table

My Mum and Dad love Christmas. Who am I kidding, we all do in our family, so each year we end up acquiring new Christmassy items for the house. These range from salt and pepper shakers to napkin holders to glasses to paintings, I mean literally everything. The Christmas table cloth goes down and we decorate the table with all manor of festive delights. It’s great!

Christmas Dinner

This is a touchy subject. What belongs on a Christmas dinner? Turkey or ham? Sprouts or no sprouts? Mash or Yorkshire puddings? We’re very much a turkey and roast potatoes family, no Yorkshires, lots of veg, and the world’s greatest stuffing (bacon, mushroom and onion = glorious). No matter which way you have it, whether you’re a sprout lover or hater, a meat eater or vegan, I love a good Christmas dinner picture. (And Yes, that is sweetcorn on my Christmas dinner because that’s how I roll).

Christmas Extras

My Dad loves a weird Christmas decoration, and last year he outdid himself. I had completely forgotten that he had bought giant Santa hats…for the chairs that we sit on at the table. Yes, the probably lower the tone of the Christmas table, but who cares, they’re pretty awesome. He then slide away during Christmas dinner preparations and suddenly…boom…the TOILET HAS BEEN SANTA-ED. I mean that’s when you know there is serious Christmas decoration dedication!

Do you have any Christmas traditions or decorations that are awesome/funny/unique?

What do you have on your Christmas dinner?

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