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Top Ten Tuesday: FREEBIE Best Bookish Gifts

Good evening you guys! I was meant to post much earlier today but I had some super exciting post though the mail today so u have spent a lot of time opening that instead of blogging, but, better last than never am I right? I noticed that this week’s Top Ten Tuesday was a freebie week, and as we’re heading into the Christmas present buying stage with gusto, I thought I’d share some of my favourite books and bookish related gifts that I like to gift and to receive.

For all of you who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved, click here. The lovely folks at Broke and Bookish teamed together to create this awesome weekly prompt, which is now hosted by the wonderful Jana @ The Artsy Reader Girl. Then you simply get listing!

1. Special/Limited/Signed Editions

OK, this probably seems really obvious to avid book collectors, but many people don’t collect multiple copies of books and certainly aren’t concerned by fancier editions, but a limited edition, celebratory release, or special cover (especially of a favourite book) can be a really meaningful and enjoyable gift. If you can manage to get a signed edition, super extra bonus points.


Bookmarks have a really versatile ability to be the ideal gift for so many reasons. There are so many ways to make a meaningful bookmark – from knitting to printing, whittling to writing – that it can be a really thoughtful and low cost option. They can be a great supporting gift, to go with a book or fill a stocking, they’re easily adaptable to the readers likes and dislikes, and they make good collections.

3. Bookends

Anyone who has lots of books will tell you that there is nothing more irritating than a bookshelf that has books falling over and becoming damaged on your shelf. Bookends keep books together and hold them in place, and can make really eye-catching pieces in their own right. I collect bookends and have multiple sets around the house, many of which are the statement piece on the shelf rather than the books themselves.

4. Prints

I love a good art print. I like adorning my walls with varied and interesting things, both to incite debate and to make me happy. It’s nice to see representations of things we like around our home and to celebrate different interpretations of various artist’s works on show.

5. Keyrings

Almost everyone has keys, and of those people the majority will have a keyring. It’s nice to have something that represents something you belong to or associate with, a Hogwarts House, a Divergent Faction, a flower from the cover of your favourite book. This options are endless and it’s a great personal trinket.

6. Booksleeves

Book lovers have prized book collections that they will often protect at all costs, so owning something that is pretty and serves a dual purpose to keep their books from harm is an added bonus.

7. Candles

They say that igniting emotions and senses is the best way to make something stick in the memory. When I read a book I particularly love, discover a new world or character, I often imagine the smell that goes along with it. Literary candles are super popular, and for good reason. When a scented candle encapsulates the scent you imagine, it transforms the reading experience.

8. Jewellery

I’ve grown up behind bars so wearing jewellery has never been something I have done too much (earrings aside, I have 14 piercings in my ears!), but there are some amazing pieces of jewellery out there. From small earrings to extravagant necklaces, clever rings to charms, there is something for every fandom, every in joke, every mention, and every taste.

9. Books in Translation

This gift isn’t something personal to me, but I love to give translations of a person’s favourite book to them, whether that’s to experience a book in another language, to improve their linguistic skills, or just to collect their favourite books in different editions, it is often a different and thoughtful gift!

10. Socks

This probably seems like an out there one, but we all need socks and although I don’t want to brag, I’m a sock connoisseur. You can add all sorts to the patterning on them, they make great sets and gifts, and are super useful.

BONUS: Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas and all things festive. What makes this holiday even better is the fact that you can incorporate your favourite bookish things into decorating too!

Kinda Bonus: Tattoos

OK, so this is more a thing to admire, to donate to, or to treat yourself too, but a thought out bookish tattoo is one of the best things to catch and ask someone about. They can be varied and incredible artistic, and vary from colourful, large, obvious designs, to tiny in jokes. I love them.

So there we have it, another Top Ten Tuesday! I hope it has provided you ideas for this festive period, and if nothing else that you have enjoyed it and aren’t judging my love of socks too much!

What bookish gifts do you like to give the most?

What are your favourites to receive?

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