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Book Box Club | Unboxing August 2018

Hello, hello, and welcome to Liz unboxes things, even if it is a little later than she was planning on doing it. I really am a little behind with unboxings and that has irritated me for the past couple of weeks, so, expect quite a few over the next few weeks because I have some amazing things to unbox for you. I really need to show these incredible boxes a little more blog love because it takes me so long to unbox them on here and that is completely unfair to the hard work that went into creating them. I missed out on the July crate because I wasn’t sure the witchcraft theme was something I was interested in, but I’m back!

Book Box Club is a secret society YA subscription box that is sent monthly and features a specially selected, hot-off-the-press YA book release selected by the ladies in the know and owners Libby and Kate. The box features 4-6 specially curated bookish items, is wrapped beautifully and delivered reliably on time, and features an exclusive ‘Clubhouse’ invite to chat with the author whose book features in the box.

Theme: Tech Tribes

Jinxed Amy McCulloch

Description: At an elite tech academy only the highest achieving students, with the most sophisticated robotic companions are welcome. So when awesome engineer Lacey Chu missed out on a place at her dream school she’s devastated. And then she discovers Jinx: a high-spec, high-maintenance robot cat Baku and her dreams seem possible once again (if only she can only keep Jinx under control)!

I’d never actually heard of this book prior to receiving it in this box, but after looking into it, I’m surprised it hasn’t crossed my radar. I don’t usually read many contemporary novels based on tech and STEM, but the robotic and animalistic elements really appeal, and I’m excited to pick this up.

This book came with a Clubhouse invite, as all Book Box Club boxes do, personally addressed to me that had an invititation to join an exclusive chat with the author Amy McCulloch.

Robot Socks

I think anyone that knows me knows how much I love socks, so these beauties were ripped open and in my feet the day after they arrived. They’re soft and adorable and bright and I love them.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out Joe Cool’s Facebook Page.

Lunar Chronicles Coaster

I don’t know much about this series, but this quote is absolutely awesome and the perfect thing to have on your table.

This is a Book Box exclusive commissioned by the gals themselves.

Ada Lovelace Sticker

Nothing like a motivational lady to have stuck on notebook is there!! Love this.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out Victorian Store on Red Bubble.

Jinx Necklace

This is one of my favourite things in the box, is clearly cleverly ties into the book and is so cute and delicate. I love origami necklaces and this is adorable.

It’s also a Book Box exclusive commissioned by the gals themselves, aren’t we lucky!

BB8 Magnetic Bookmark

I love Star Wars, and like everyone else was completely taken in by BB8. He’s the most adorable companion in the film, and will make an adorable reading companion on a bookmark too.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out Rachel Norline Art on Etsy!

Invent The Future Mug

This bright and colourful mug is perfect to sit on a desk. I love using mugs as penpots (I think they look better than actual pots made for the purpose, don’t @ me) and think this is going to be perfect for just that!

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out Alicia Jo’s Instagram.

Bookish Goodies

This month, Usborne Publishing, Hacette Children’s, and Simon & Schuster have added in some extra bookish goodies into the mix. There are two amazing bookmarks, one which matches the box’s book perfectly, some samplers for future titles, and a poster. The bookmarks especially are top draw, I’m gaining quite the collection now which is coming in handy for the multiple books I seem to be attempting at once at the moment.

The item(s) of the month for this month’s box are:

Jinx Necklace and Robot Socks

Coming soon: September’s Book Box Club unboxing! The theme is Into the Wild!

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