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Bout of Books 23 | Wrap Up

That old adage that time goes quickly when you’re having fun has really applied to this readathon because man did it speed by in a flurry of pictures, stories, sprints, and smiles. Bout of Books 23 was a good’un, I’d go as far as to say one of my favourites, and was the perfect readathon at the perfect time. It is still up there occupying the top spot for favourite regular readathon and this time it’s made me realise just how many books I’ve read, posts I’ve written, and bookish friends I’ve met because of this awesome event.

Bout of Books has really expanded since I first joined back in August 2014. I was a fresh blogger with next to no followers and a passion for reading that was definitely not flourishing to it’s full potential. Zoom ahead 4 years, and I am a veteran, a literal appointed expert. I love chatting and getting involved in the Facebook group all year round, I adore the new Instagram challenges that have spread Bout of Books across more platforms, and I am excited to see how far the Bout of Books community has come.

So this year, well, as I said, it’s been a good one. I’ve read A LOT. I’ve taken photos, and I have involved myself with the challenges and the pictures with excitement and enjoyment. OK, I didn’t get a chance to join the chats, and to be honest, as much as I love them I know it’s just not something I can realistically commit to doing now as they are not at super convenient times for people who live and work in the UK/at weekends. It’s a shame, but this year I stopped putting myself out for missing them and just embraced other ways to connect with fellow Bout of Book-ers. Yep, I learnt that you’ve got to make the most of what you have and not beat yourself up for the things you couldn’t do. Only took 4 years!!

The readathon really helped me finish some books that I have wanted to read for a while, and also that fitted with some NEWTs readathon challenges. I managed to read/finish 4 books: Origin by Dan Brown, Theatrical by Maggie Harcourt, This Savage Song by V E Schwab, and Sin City Vol. 7 by Frank Miller, and actually started (finally) Shadowblack by Sebastian de Castell too! D’you know what was better though? I enjoyed what I was reading. I read with others and dived into everything I read, some of which were books I really wanted to finish for a while.

I also managed to hold some reading sprints. In the past, I have held sprints on twitter, but I’ve not always known whether anyone joined in or paid attention, but this time round Emma helped host and other Bout of Book-ers joined in and it was great. There is something about reading along with someone else, encouraging each other, and pushing each other to read more that adds to everything. I also embraced the Insta photo challenges because I love Instagram and it’s a forum that I haven’t used enough when it comes to Bout of Books, I don’t think we made the most of it before.

D’you know what else happened to round off a great week/weekend/readathon? I was announced as a new member of the Lacuna Candle Co family. Lacuna Candle Co is a small soy candle business on Etsy that is run by two fab gals Becca and Sophie. I applied for their rep search and was pleasantly surprised to have been announced as part of their street team. You definitely should check them out on their Instagram, Twitter, and over at their store.

This was possibly my favourite Bout of Books! How was your readathon?

I will see you in January! Get January 7th in your diary now!

1 thought on “Bout of Books 23 | Wrap Up”

  1. Glad you had a great time. I’m definitely a long way from being an expert readathoner, but I love this particular one. Now I’m seriously considering making a twitter so I can participate in the sprints and conversations in future readathons! But I will definitely see you on January for the next Bout of Books 😉

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