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Fat Friday: Week 36

Hello friends, how is everyone? How are you enjoying your weekend, the weather, the long days and longer nights. It’s been an alright week overall. I’ve had a good mix of work, exercise, reading, and fun, and I feel like the balance has been just right. Is this what summer is? I’m on a bit of a savings fest ahead of my holidays in the fall, and I have decided to up the ante with weight loss ready for my trips, because I want to look better than I do right now. Nothing wrong with some summer goals, amirite?

Fat Friday is a weekly blog post tracking my weight loss and fitness journey, used to keep myself accountable, keep a record of my progress, and share hints & tips that have helped me. To track my progress, or read my previous entries, click here.

Please join me, support me, and help me along my way as I aim to improve my life for the better!

Let’s start with work shall we? Work is actually the reason that my post is a day late. It was really busy last night, so I decided to stay back after my shift and do some overtime. I haven’t done much overtime of late because I haven’t felt up to it, but it was nice to be able to help out and know that I was making a little extra money for my holidays doing it. Work has been busy and more stressful of late, but I think I am starting to get a better handle on things and learn more about balancing everything.

I have fallen into a hole of buying food at work and eating on an unhealthy schedule again, and can’t help wondering if this has played a major part in my recent struggle to lose any weight. I was spending more money than I wanted to or even realised I was, and that’s not a habit I wanted to keep up either. I think having a slightly better routine, eating healthier food, and sleeping on a better schedule has had a beneficial effect on me at work in the short space of a week. OK, so I haven’t taken food every day, I still need to get back into the habit of food prepping, but I am already reaping the benefits of feeling better overall in myself when I am at work.

Speaking of food, I know I left it on a bit of a knife edge as to what I was going to do for the next few weeks. It’s only a trial, but if it works, it will hopefully kick start my diet again. Firstly, I’ve given up crisps. I don’t eat a whole lot of them, but when I do I can eat quite a lot, or they are an unhealthy snack to tide me over at work between meals that in themselves wouldn’t have been too bad. Secondly, I have given up chocolate. Despite the fact that I actually prefer savoury food a lot of the time, I am a huge fan of chocolate, and was starting to buy it more often and eat more of it when I did buy it. Thirdly, I am not eating bread unless I work out. It means that I am eating bread rarely, in fact, we don’t have it in the house and I don’t buy it when I am out. We have to go out and actively get it which makes it more of a treat.

It turns out that I was/am really quite addicted to bread. I love wraps and bagels and bread and toast, and I undoubtedly ate too much bread on a daily basis. OK, it’s hard to give up completely, and there are some meals that I really like and are healthy that I just wouldn’t be able to eat if I was giving up bread every day, so I decided to cut back to work out days. The first day, I did zumba so had a bagel and scrambler. On Thursday, we went to zumba again and so I was allowed a naan bread with my curry. It’s working, I think. I am certainly thinking carefully about what I eat which makes my food invariably healthier in the choices I make, and I feel less bloated. We are probably thinking about meals a little more because of it to (not that our fridge and freezer suggest that!)

I am also trying to commit to more exercise again. My work timetable now let’s me regularly attend Sunday morning zumba, I only miss one a month on average, so I have got into the swing of it even if it’s not my favourite exercise class. When I can, I go to the Thursday evening class with Emma too because it’s easy to attend after work. If I am honest, I have skipped this a lot lately for a variety of reasons, and kind of felt crappy about it so went again this week. It turns out zumba is a lot harder in the heat. The sports hall we do it in gets hot in the summer, and it’s like doing a ‘hot’ class. I mean it’s not purposely that hot, but the amount you sweat certainly makes you think the work out is that much better. The weather is apt for walking and getting out and about again, and it was nice to show Emma Croxteth Hall with the family. We need to see and do more really. Chester Zoo anyone?

Aside from work and health and fitness and all things Fat Friday, I have been reading and blogging again. I have started to find my feet a little bit with posts. OK, so I’m not posting anywhere near as regularly as I used to, but I’m remembering what I enjoyed about it which is really nice. I am also taking part in a readathon based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe called MarvelAThon. It’s absolutely got me re-engaged with reading again. I knew it was bothering me, but I don’t think I realised just how negative I felt when I wasn’t reading, so I am pleased to have found my feet with books again.

WEIGHT: This week: -3lb Total: -25lb

EXERCISE: 3 Sessions: 2x Zumba, 1x Walk

MOOD: Pleased

RECIPE/FOOD/SNACK of the week: Chocolate Rice Cakes

HINTS/TIPS of the week: Bread is super addictive, so try to eat less

I really feel like this is the turning point. I have restarted. I am undoubtedly eating less, and I have a second wind. I know, I’ve said this before, but I haven’t tipped a -3lb results in a long time, and boy does it feel good. I think the 3 months until Barcelona trick has shocked me into action, and a little bit of change seems to be making a lot of difference. I’ll see you next week.

4 thoughts on “Fat Friday: Week 36”

  1. These posts are super inspiring. Thank you. I’ve been less strict with my eating habits the past few weeks, and I think it’s really stalled me! Time to get back to it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m pleased you like them 🙂
      I had stalled, I think having a plan had helped me again, we’ll see how it goes this week as well but I feel better than last week which is all I can ask.


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